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The story line on this site is my own private world of Hawaii Five-O and it is solely for entertainment purposes and is not an infringement on the rights of the owners of Hawaii Five-O and Remington Steele.

I do not own the characters  that appear on Hawaii Five-O,  Remington Steele, or any other show characters that may be used.

The characters that I develop to go into the story are mine and cannot be used without my permission.


Story Time


This story includes the main story line plus additional side stories about the growing relationship Dan 'Dannya' Williams and Caterina McGarrett Williams.

This story is broken down in various sections describing various events in Caterina and Dan Williams lives together.  Each section of the story is a full story on it own merit, but it does mention events in other sections and developing possibilities.  Many of the sections only raise questions that can only be answered in future sections.


These are pictures of James MacArthur as Dan 'Danno" Williams from the show Hawaii Five-O.

Some of the Hawaii Five-O are of James MacArthur and other members of the show.

There are additional picture pages of James MacArthur from his various performance in other shows and movies.

Most of these pictures are my property and you are free to download them for your own personal use.  Some of the pictures have been provided by other fans and you will need to ask their permission to download them.

With time my picture pages may also include screen captures of Remington Steele.

Click on one of the pictures to go to these pages.




I will be posting  various Challenges and Round Robins, along with their resulting stories.  

If you have any suggestions for a challenge, please feel free to leave me a suggestion.

Betty's Book-Me Danno is hosting Case File stories of other authors.    


Additional Story Time

I will be posting other stories that I have been working on.  These stories are not related to Hawaii Five-O or Remington Steele.  These are stories I found myself writing for fun.

Most of these stories are for adults as they have adult themes and sexual content in them.  If you are offended by these items or are under the age of 18, do not read them.

For the past few months I have been exploring another avenue of writing.  I have been writing erotic stories and they are posted on an adult only site.  If you are interested in reading my erotic stories, email me and I will send you the address to this member page.



"Shipp Caper" is getting closer to being posted.  Need to finish a few things.   Sorry to say, with my recent illness this story is still under construction and I'm trying to figure out the ending.  


Newest Challenge - I know, I know -- I have been very bad not to follow through on this.  There have been a number of things going wrong in my life that I have had to deal with.  I'm sorry for this delay.  I'm now starting to get back on me feet and hope to get these stories that I started posted shortly.

If anyone is still interested in writing a dating story, I will glad to accept it and post it.

Thanks for waiting for me to get my act together once again.


What was the challenge?

A DATE, we are going to give our favorite guys a night out with a lady.  I'm hoping all the guys will get to have a nice time and that includes the married men as well.  Is some is interested you can send the Governor or Manicote on a date as well.  Of course, there is always the ladies of the show that desire a nice date with a guy as well.


The date has to be uninterrupted by work, have a nice candle light dinner, wine is optional for the non-drinkers out there.  The stories should also include a sunset, sunrise, nice romantic drive or walk in the moonlight.  Of course, there has to some kissing, cuddling and hugging.  What good is a date without some of that good stuff.

Hope you all have put on your thinking caps regarding this challenge and what our guys can do.  You are welcome to introduce other stories in these romantic tales.  I'm using the characters in my big story.

If you have any questions regarding this latest challenge let me know.

I know the big question is when do I submit it?  You are welcome to start submitting any time you want now.  I'll be taking any results for the next couple of months.

I have several in my proofreading stages, plus have gotten one from one of great writers. 


We are in need of the next round.  Who will go through next?  I have the next section of this and may finish it off.  Sorry to say that my health hasn't been the best and I'm trying to get back into working on my site again.

The end of the Round Robin may be on the horizon as soon as I finish reading the submission on it.

I have the finish to this round robin.  I need to find it again so I can get it posted.  I has a nice finish to it.

If anyone is interested in a new round robin, drop me a email letting know what you would like the story to be about.

The first author other then to my challenges and round robin has submitted a story to my Case File Patricia Engel  has written a story called "Worst Fears Realized." 

Other authors are welcome to submit there work for posting here, if they wish.


Do to a change in Tripods space limitation some of picture pages have had to come down for a short amount of time.

I'm in need of finding a way to get my pictures to work on the site once again.  This is under investigation.

This section is under reconstruction and will up again soon.

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Thanks to everyone to waiting to get things back together again.  In the last few months, my life took a down ward turn.  I lost my job and was hit with a depression to top all depressions.  After working for the same company for 15 years it is a little hard to get my act together to hunt for a new full time job.


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