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Pictures are courtesy of

Terri Whitman


Terri's The Jack Lord Connection

Thanks for the loan


Round robins are funny stories to read and write because they are written a various authors to the conclusions.  It shows how one story can take unexpected turns to get to the next section of the story because each author have their own ideas.



  General Instructions

  Mystery Painting Teaser

  Mystery Painting Instructions

 Mystery Painting Story

             Introduction by Betty Kouba

             Steve McGarrett by Terri Whitman

              Kono Kalakaua  by Patricia Engel

             Danno's Trip Through Time by Deana Lisi

             Duke's Turn Through The Painting  by Patricia Engel

             ??????????????  by ?????????

             ??????????????  by ?????????



                               by Liz Clare

                                Liz has taken the option of writing her own individual story about Duke and the Mystery Painting.  Please read it and enjoy it as much as I did.  {This link will take you to Liz's story on her site.}






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