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By Betty Kouba



Steve is sitting at his desk in The Palace with his tie and jacket hanging on the coat stand next to the open doors.  There was a cool evening breeze going through his office because the wooden door to his office was open as well.  He as alone once again, everyone left a few hours ago.  Now he was sitting there going through the type evaluations that Jenny had finished working on last night.  Jenny had stay late a couple of nights to type the reviews up when no one was around.  Standing orders, “Never work on the reviews with the staff is in the office.”


He was reading Danno review when the phone rang, “McGarrett.”


“Hello Steve, I was leaving my office when I saw the light in your office was on,” the Governor commented.


Steve recognized the Governor’s voice, and replied “Yes Sir, just finishing up some paper work.”


The Governor leaned back in the back seat of his limo as it pulled out into the evening traffic heading home, “Well Steve, I hope that paper work is the staff reviews your working on.”


McGarrett thought to himself, ‘How did he know, how did he also know.’  “Yes Sir, I going over a couple them right now.”


“That’s good, just don’t forget Steve, those reviews are to be on my desk by June 30th,” with a parent authority sound to his voice “so get finished up.”  This was one of the times that the Jameson loved his job, he got to pick on Steve for the little details that he sometimes overlooked.


“I know Governor, I’m getting them done as we speak.”  A little white lie, Steve was standing by the open doors watching the Governor’s limo pulling into the traffic.


“In that case, I’ll let you get back to them.  Good night Steve.”


“Night Governor” and the connection was cut.  Steve hung the phone up and went back to the open doors and finished the glass of pineapple juice in his hand, then returned to his desk.  He picked the evaluation form up, and started to reread it again, “Dan Williams skills have ….”




        Deana read this reminder and decided    to have a little fun of her own with it.  Please check out what she had to say.







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Original Posted June/July 2000