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By Betty Kouba



Danny turned to Chin "How long do we have wait out here?"


Chin light his pipe and thought about it, "As long as the Governor wants to take to talk with Steve."


Danny paces the floor of the waiting room in the capital building waiting for Steve to come out of the Governor's office.  "How much longer?"  Dannyís patients where thin at the moment because the Five-O team had been working around the clock with not much sleep for the past couple of weeks.


Kono got up out of the chair and stretched his sore muscles, "What is the fuss about?  Iím finally getting a chance for a few minutes of sleep until you started that pacing.  Sit down Danny and relax."


Danny just looked at Kono with a look of surprise, and just then, Steve came out of the Governor's office.  "Well Steve?"


Steve just looked at his men and replied, "The Governor has signed all of the evaluations and has approved the merit raises that I requested without a second look."


All three of them sighed a sigh of relief and Chin, Kono and Danny thought about what that extra money was going to help them out.


All four men where glad the ordeal was over with for another year, then they walked out of the waiting and headed back to The Palace to the waiting paper work from the last couple of weeks.







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Original Posted June/July 2000