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By Betty Kouba



Danny was waiting impatiently in his office for Steve.  “All the others have been going in one by one, and coming out about an hour later.  It must be my time soon but for what?”  Danny was trying to finish up the report on the jewelry robbery case that just finished, but his mind kept wondering what was going on in Steve’s office.


Chin got to get a cup of coffee and noticed Danny kept looking at Steve’s door, “It’s not going to bite you.”


Danny didn’t hear Chin come over to his desk and jump when he spoke, “What?”  Danny turn a nice shade of red at being caught staring at the door.


“I said, don’t worry about it Danny, Steve is never that hard on you when he gives his annual review of your performance.”


“What?  Review of my performance.”  Danny didn’t even think that was going on in there.  “He gives annual reviews?”


“Yeah, about this time every year.”  Then Chin realized this was Danny’s first.  “Oh sorry Danny, I forgot you have not been through this before with Steve.  It will be your first.”  Chin shook his and tried to remember what it was like to be that young and having these experiences for the first time.  It’s been nearly twenty years since he joined HPD and then Five-O.


Danny looked upset about the idea of the review.  “I just never thought about it Chin.”


“Will relax Danny, you know Steve, he has to give the review so they can evaluate the merits of the past year and determine if you get to move up a grade or not.”


Danny seem to relax a little, but the idea of going into Steve’s office for his first review was scaring him more then facing an armed gun man.


Just then Kono came out of the office laughing “Thanks Steve.”  Kono closed the door.


Danny thought now it is my turn but the phone rang and it was for Steve and two minutes later he comes running out of the office.   “Let’s go Danny, Chin, Kono.  We have a shooter over at First Hawaiian Bank.”  Off they ran to First Hawaiian Bank.



Four hours later after Danny finished booking the shooter and a five mile car chase, returned to his office to start typing up the report.  He noticed that everyone else was gone and the light was on under Steve’s door.  Danny got a cup of coffee and sat down at his desk with report form and pen in hand.


He starts to write “At 12:15 pm the First Hawaiian Bank was held up by …”


The office door and Steve stepped out.  “Danno you’re back.”


“Yeah just got here a couple of minutes ago and I wanted to get the report of this afternoon done before the facts slipped away.”


“That’s good.”  Steve like the fact that the members of his team were willing to go that extra mile to get their work finished.  “Would you come into my office for a couple minutes, I have something to discuss with you.”


“Sure Steve.”  Danny puts the pen down and follows Steve into his office.


“Have a sit.”  Steve goes to sit behind his desk and picks up Danno’s personnel file.


Oh boy here it comes Danny thought to himself.  He looked down at his hands and they were shaking, he had not been this nervous since his interview to get into the academy.


Steve looks up at Danno and notices a nervousness about him that was not usually there.  Steve wants to make this as easy as possible so he leans back in his big white chair and speaks, “You can relax Danno, this only as bad as getting a flu shoot.”  They both laughed.  “Will Danno, you’ve been here year just over a year now and I’m glad to say that things have been working out just great. . .”


Danny relaxed with that statement and knew that Chin was right.


Steve continued to give Danno his first annual review.




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Original Posted June/July 2000