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By Betty Kouba



{This is a double review of Chief Williams, the personal thoughts to the questions asked and the official answers of Deputy Chief Captain Caterina M. Williams.}


{Warning:  This review can be suggestive}


Caterina had been working on evaluations for two weeks now.  With forty people on her Academy staff, there were a lot of reviews to go over and give.  She was finally finished with the last one that she had to write up and discuss with the various officers and now it was time to go through them with the boss men, Chief Williams of Five-O and Chief Vodves of HPD.  She finally got a time set that both Chiefs were available at the same time.  Caterina was happy that the job was almost over expect for the three hour conference with both Chiefs on the reviews and getting Williams and Vodves to sign off on the reviews, which will be done in three days and four hours from now.  In four days time this will be over with for another year.  Then Caterina could get back to her normal crazy academy schedule.


The only thing worse then the forty reviews she just finally finished giving and the final discussion with both Chiefs is the one-on-one evaluation that Chief Williams was yet to have with her.  This review as a rule came after the entire Academy staff was signed off for and the rest of the Five-O team was finished.  “Chief Dannya just loves to torture me.  Loves to keep me hanging for my review very year.”  Caterina knew she could get even with him and would on the private level for making her wait.  This waiting became a game for the two of them in which Dannya usually end up taking his wife Deputy Chief Lover to one of the best restaurants in Honolulu followed by a evening of pleasure for both of them.  “Let’s see this year, I’ll make Dannya take me to…”  While Caterina was thinking about where Dannya was going to take her, she was putting away the last of the staff reviews in a locked drawer when the phone rang on her Five-O line and not her academy line, “Hawaii Five-O, Chief Williams office, Captain Caterina can I help you?”


The call was from the Governor’s office and the new Governor wanted to see her alone and immediately.  Seeing the Governor alone was nothing new but this time Caterina felt something was wrong.  So, Caterina went over to the Capital Building to talk with the newly sworn in Governor Makelina Kottone.



Two hours after leaving the Governor’s office Caterina was still furious, even after spending an hour on the shooting range and destroying three of the four new rifles which were sent to her to be tested by the manufacturer.  Oh, how Caterina wanted to shoot the new Governor with one of those rifles, right between the eyes.  Caterina kept picturing her on the target and got one of the highest scores on the range in years.


Now she had one more evaluation to do.  An evaluation she would rather not have to do, not now, not ever again, but there was choice about do it.  Damn her Caterina thought for the millionth time since leaving the Governor’s office.


Chief Williams was about to complete his fifth year as Chief of Hawaii Five-O, and the newly sworn in Governor wanted to replace him with one of her own cronies.  Governor Kottone wanted someone who would be more of a political cop who would care more about polities then police business.  Someone who would play games with the politicians and newspapers and screw the department royally by destroying everything that her Cousin Steve and her husband Dannya had built over the years.  Kottone already had one of her cronies in the Department, Murphy.


Caterina was as hot as a volcano about to erupt and started thinking about what she had do out loud, “The nerve of that witch with a capital B, demanding me to review my husband Chief Williams.”  Caterina didn’t like doing this years ago when her cousin Steve the former head of Five-O had made this request of her.  It had been years since she had to really think about and contemplate the significance of her husband’s and her immediate boss’s job performance.  Having to review a superior officer has always been the pits, and this is worse then when Steve asked me to do it.  Or my reviewing various other senior ranking officers through the years upon request.  With that  *[PdvS¯** Governor, it could hurt him in so many ways that could lead to the loss of his job.  At least with Steve there was enough evidence proving him a highly capable officer of the law, plus Steve knew his man and his abilities.  In addition, Steve had the final say in the annual evaluation of Dannya.  This Governor was on a witch-hunt and the prey was Dan Williams, Chief of Five-O.


Caterina was pacing her office while thinking about the multiple deaths she would love to employ on that royal pain in the *GdvS¨¯Z*.  Some of them were amusing to think about.  “Oh well, it is a good thing one cannot be terminated for what one thinks.”  Caterina had a sinister smile on her face as she laughed at the thoughts of tortures she would love to put the Governor through.  “In some ways it is to bad they got rid of the rack.”  Caterina had a good laugh at the idea of the Governor on the rack being stretched out while little insects crawled all over her exposed skin.


Caterina stopped pacing and returned to her desk to sit down when she heard her husband and another person enter his office next to hers through the open door.  Caterina didn’t want the Chief to see how upset she was over this new evaluation she had to do.


To Caterina’s surprise she heard the hard edge of her husband’s voice that was so controlled Caterina didn’t even see her husband reach for the door to close it.  He had to be mad, really mad to have that door hit the frame as hard as it closed.  Dannya was ripping someone part for screwing something up.  When the Chief was in that kind of mood it was best for anyone and everyone to stay where they were and do what needed to be done, in addition, to making sure whatever they were working on was absolutely perfect and it was ready when he called for it.


She didn’t dare to go and look into his office to see who was in there with him.  She would find out soon enough. “Whoever is in there with him is in trouble,” Caterina looked up to see that the shade was being drawn down as well, “major trouble.”  She knew that when the shade was pulled there was major issue being discussed or it was very confidential that not even she would find out about it unless Chief Williams wanted to discuss it.  Also, when the shade was drawn, it meant that he did not want to be interrupted unless in it was a major emergency.  Caterina could find out who was in Chief Williams’ office two different ways but she valued her neck, her job, and his trust in her with everything else that came with being his number one Deputy Chief of Hawaii Five-O and the Commanding Officer of the Police Academy Division.


Dannya’s anger set Caterina’s mind straight on what needed to be done.  She picked up the questionnaire once again and looked at the questions.  Governor Kottone wanted to have the answers to a dozen questions and she wanted it in the next forty-eight hours.  Caterina knew this was very important and that her own future depended on what she wrote on this form.  Caterina wouldn’t have minded so much if it was her on the block but it was her husband and that made her nervous, which made this harder to do calmly and unemotionally.


Caterina turned to her computer and put in her password to the computer screensaver “mylover,” than opened up a new document to type the Governor’s questions and her answers.  “Once more into the fires of Pele we go,” she remarked.  Caterina looked at the picture on her desk, a smiling husband and four beautiful teenagers also smiling.  Basically, this same picture was on Dannya desk only she was in that one and not him.  “I’ll answer these stupid questions for all of you, my loves, because your father doesn’t deserve what that witch has in mind for him.”


Caterina could still hear the rage of her husband voice in his office and some how it calmed her down enough to think like the commanding officer that she had become over the years with his aid, help and assistance.  Caterina picked up the list of questions again wondering why these questions, and started to make her report the Governor.



Question One:                      Does Chief Williams have the capability to perform all his duties as the head of Hawaii Five-O?


She thought to herself of course he’s capable of performing all his duties.  What is she hehena? {Crazy – Mad – Insane.}  Who has been feeding her this nonsense that he is not competent of performing his duties?  Caterina had her idea of who it could be.  That other Deputy Chief of his, the one that wanted to be the number one ranking Deputy Chief and have all of my privileges for putting in twenty plus years as a member of the Five-O team and HPD.  The fiend that would love to see Dannya thrown out of his job because the other Deputy Chief’s is his wife.  Get rid of the husband you get rid of the wife.  “To bad the jerks don’t know what they are going up against.  Who has the wider and stronger power base in this state.”  Caterina laughed at the thought of her power base versus the Governor’s power base.  “They don’t even come close and the Governor would lose the fight in the long run.  It is evident that she is looking solely at Dannya’s power base and not his wife’s.  His wife with the growing power since the day she started working at the Academy.”  Now that her mind was set in the right direction, she began to type in her answers.


Answer One:                        Chief Williams is extremely capable of performing all his duties assigned to him in the past, present and future.


The only thing that would prevent him from performing his duties are those jerks that would remove him from his position, either by polities or by killing him.


            He has the ability to see more then one side of the various issues/cases that he is involved with.  He listens to all sides of the issues/stories and makes his own mind up.  If he does not have enough information to make a good decision, he demands his team to find the answers to the questions that still continue to remain unanswered in his mind.  His Five-O team goes in search of the answers and provides the information requested in order for Chief Williams to make his final decision.  Once the decision is made that is it unless someone can come up with sufficient amount of evidence to make Chief Williams change or alter his decision.


            Chief Williams and his team put together the best cases possible before handing them over to the District Attorney’s office for prosecution.  He makes sure that there is enough evidence to request the necessary search warrants or arrest warrants that any case requires.


            Chief Williams travels to the various islands as the case work demands and various needs arise, such as, testifying in cases on the other islands.  When he travels, if there is work that needs to be done on those island in regards to the Academy, he lends a helping hand in accomplishing the required task.  Many of these task can easily be done by less experience officer but the task needs to be done in-person, so Chief Williams pitches in aid with these tasks as needed.  He doesn’t feel that doing these little tasks is beneath him or his authority and ability to perform his job as a head of the Department.  By the fact, that he is willing to help in this respect, brings him a great deal of respect and credit from the various junior officers, because they see a top officer still willing to do the little jobs that they do on a every day basis.


            One of the major reasons for Chief Williams’ assistance in this way is the cost of traveling to the other islands.  Chief Williams has to run his department on a tight budget and when he does not see a reason for a second officer to go to the same district that he is heading towards to perform the various tasks, he will help out and save the cost of an airline ticket for another day.  This savings helps to keep the cost of traveling within the allotted budget that he has for traveling.


Question Two & Three:        Does Chief Williams still have the necessary killer instinct essential to do what needs to be done?  Can he still pull the trigger and/or order the trigger to be pulled?


Caterina wondered about that bitch that was elected to help run this state.  She didn’t like her polities when she was campaigning and hated them even more now.  Old dislikes never die a full death.  What does she think that cops lose their edge and still remain on the job?  This is one of most ludicrous questions she can ask especially after what happened last month.  She was a cop once upon a time and she should remember what it takes to lose that instinct, unless of course she never actually had it to begin with.  Then again she only used the special program to get her education paid for by the State.  Caterina thought back to the day the two of them had their little hand-to-hand combat over Dannya.  Of course Caterina won, she would never allow anyone else to get near her man that way.  Damn bitch wants to destroy him because I stopped her from trying to break up my relationship with Dannya nearly twenty years ago.


In addition, she does not have a good a marriage as I do.  It is more of a political marriage then a marriage for love.  Caterina still felt sorry for Kottone because she was full of something that would not permit her to truly care for another person more then herself.  That is why Kottone was finally requested to leave the force, along with the rumors of her association with that other creature from beyond, Terri something or other.


Answer Two & Three:           Yes, Chief Williams still has his killer instinct when needed because he has never lost his edge with regard to pulling the trigger for the right reason or ordering it to be pulled.  Chief Williams still has the competence to order the trigger to be pulled when necessary.  He was fortunate that it was nineteen months between having to instruct anyone to pull that trigger a month ago.  As you are aware, last month Chief Williams shot and wounded the suspect who is now pending trail.  Chief Williams wounded the suspect with a high-powered rifle from fifty yards away while standing on the top of the campus steps after the officer with the rifle was shot and killed by the rapist.


            Now it could be another nineteen months before the need arises again but it will be dependent on what happens out in the field on the day-to-day basis.  With any luck, the need may never arise again in future, not because Chief Williams is incompetent of giving the order but because it is a nasty part of this business.  As you may recall any good officer with good ethics is bother after using his revolver and/or ordering another officer in the use of their revolver/rifle.


            As for Chief Williams shooting qualification, he meets the criteria on the shooting ranging every six months as the standards are required of any of the Five-O members and no one in the department is capable of reaching or toping his score of 9.5 or 9.75 out of 10 every time.  He gets this score with both his service revolver and various high-powered rifles at the range on any given day.  His shooting may be a touch off with the rifles at first only because he is not used to that particular rifle.  As you may recall from your police days every gun/rifle have their own little quirks about them causing an unfamiliar user a small disability in shooting it perfectly with the first couple of shots.


            The only officer on Chief Williams’ team that comes close too or matching his score is Deputy Chief Captain Caterina M. Williams.  The only difference between these two officers is actually experience in the field.  Chief Williams has on a number of occasions used his gun/rifle in the field, in addition, to ordering the pulling of the trigger by others on more then one occasion.


            I, Deputy Chief Captain Caterina have only had shooting range experience with both the service revolver and the rifle.  I’m one of the rare one’s in this business that have never pulled and shot a firearm in the field.  I can, unfortunately, match Chief Williams on only one occasion with ordering the trigger to be pulled.  In fact, when I was only on the Five-O team for seventeen months I had to order the trigger to be pulled.  On that given day the sharp shooter sent to take care of the sniper was Deputy Chief Dan Williams, who I had to give the order too.


A day in hell that I will never forget.  Lost five good officers that day to the sniper and wounded a dozen more.  Caterina looked at her hand and saw it shaking again, she always started shaking anytime she thought about that day.  She remembered giving him the order, “When you have a clear shot,” there was a pause before she continued because the words would not come out, then finally she finished with, “take it.”  Caterina also remembered the words she couldn’t say ‘take him,’ the way her Cousin Steve would have said.  Then a couple of minutes later she heard one final shot and a moment later Dan’s voice came over the headset she was wearing, “I got him.”  It was Caterina’s first time at being in full command of major life and death situation that still scares her eighteen years later.


Question Four & Five:          Is Chief Williams losing his ability to drive?  Has he lost his drivers license?


Lose of license?  Yeah right, does that creature from #@&*%^!* think that Dannya drives like my cousin did.  Just because I’m trying to protect the Chief from those outrageous things, that COUSIN OF MINE did as Chief.  Dannya can do anything he wants, it’s me that prevents him sometimes.  That’s also part of my job, to protect the Chief at all times.  Or maybe it’s the wife/mother side of me that wants him safe and sound because I want him home at night to spend time with his children, something he missed out on with the death of his parents at an early age.  Then again, it could be I just don’t want to sleep alone, I want to sleep in his strong and loving arms at night and feel the warmth of his love.  Caterina knew the reasons she protected him so much was more for personal reasons then professional ones.


Answer Four & Five:             No, Chief Williams still has his driver’s license and it is current.  He is very capable of driving any vehicle required of him.  He has driven small trucks, to limos, to regular police issued cars, to a mid-size family van.  The reason for a driver is his status of Police Chief.  Being Chief Williams’ number one Deputy Chief in the Department, it is my responsibility to protect the Chief whenever and wherever possible.  Having a driver is one of those protective devices that are allowable in the regulations of any Police Department within the State of Hawaii.  There are times when Chief Williams does his own driving on the job and when there are things to be done without a driver or there is no driver available.


Question Six:                   Does Chief Williams allow you to get away with more then other team members because you are his wife?


This one got Caterina steaming again and she knew that this was the crux of the entire review to begin with.  Caterina wanted nothing more then to get her hands around that creature’s neck and cut off her air.  “She wants me to prove to her that I’m worth being the Senior Deputy Chief of Five-O.”


Sometimes Caterina wondered, I have to work twice as hard because at first I was the cousin of the Chief of Five-O then I got promoted to the wife of Chief and not just an ordinary cop in the department.


That Murphy is somehow behind this.  I knew that he was on some politician’s payroll somehow, or somewhere.  Well, Deputy Chief Murphy, be warned, I’ll find that connection and when I do, you will be out of here on your butt faster then you could ever imagine.  Caterina now had another possible piece of the Murphy’s puzzle that she was trying to put together about Murphy, the officer forced into the department by Kottone when she was the Lieutenant Governor.  Caterina wondered if Murphy was related to HER, which could explain a few things.  “I need to check Murphy’s background and find out if there is a connection.”  Catie wrote herself a note on her ‘do to’ investigation list regarding this issue.  She would run the investigation herself because the coconut wireless is so efficient at spreading rumors.  In addition, Chief Williams had told her on several occasion “that she is not to look into Murphy’s background.”  This was one order she was finally going to disregard, then Caterina realized there was away to get around the order, I can assign my investigative class to investigate Murphy because he is a Five-O member and one Five-O member gets investigated very semester.  That’s what I’ll do, I have not assigned the surveillance part of the class yet and this year it will be Murphy.”  Caterina realized that she would not be disobeying the Chief’s orders, just bending them a little.  This idea gave Caterina a good deal of pleasure to finally be able to find out about Murphy and what he does off- and on-duty.  “I’ll get you Murphy one way or another.”  She smiled sinisterly to herself while looking forward to the results from this year’s surveillance class.


Then there is the possibility that Kottone’s resentment was showing again.  Resentment at what I have been able to accomplish in my career on my own without the assistance of the political powers that be.  Maybe the rumor that was on the coconut wireless was accurate when it stated that ‘I was the number one choice to run as the Lieutenant Governor before her’ and the only reason for her being Governor is the recent death of Governor Venay.


It must be hard for Kottone to always be following my shadow which she despises, plus she always come in second to my achievements.  Kottone need to surpass me must be extremely high causing her to find problems that are not there.  If someone is going to live in another’s shadow, it should be their choice to live in that person’s shadow not have it thrusted upon you.  Then again one needs to choose the right person shadow for the right reason, such as living in Dannya’s shadow giving him all of her love and support for him to achieve more for himself and his family.


Caterina thought about it, “DJ’s psychology study is getting to me again, I’m analyzing every thing to much.”  Boy helping my kids study can drive you crazy at home but it rotten went it even gets me at office.  She laughed at her analysis of this question.


Answer Six:                            No, Chief Williams has an outline of duties to be performed by each and every team member.  He also has a list of what each team member is capable of performing in his or her job.  These individual outlines are kept under lock and key in his office that only he, the various individual team member and I ever get to see.


            Being the Deputy Chief of the Academy ninety percent of my duties are academy related duties and ten percent of my duties is overseeing the smooth running of the Five-O office.  When Chief Williams is off the island or out of the state, I’m in charge of the unit and all of the members of the unit.  The only time that I’m not fully in charge of the unit when Chief Williams is not reachable, is usually due to our schedules have us traveling on various business trips separately or together, in addition, to those days we take our vacations together.


            Being the wife of the Chief of Five-O does not get me any more privileges then any other member on the team.  If it appears that I get more or have more then any other team member, it is based partly on my seniority and the fact that I have been a member of Hawaii Five-O team for nineteen years and have worked to achieve my present position and duties through hard work.  I have taken all the necessary tests to get my different promotions, as any other officer in this state has to take the various promotion exams.  In addition, I have met the necessary scores set by Chief McGarrett, and Deputy Chief Williams at the time of each exam to receive my promotions.  Now that the latest of the exams that I’m required to take is coming up and Chief Williams has set the score that I must achieve on it to obtain my next promotion.  What that score is, will not be known until the results have been returned by the scoring center where all promotion exams are sent.


“Murphy wants what I have without working for it.  He is only 33 years old with nine years of police experience and only twenty months on the Five-0 team, and he wants what I have worked my entire career to achieve.  He has only achieved the status of Sargent with his last promotion exam and he wants the privileges of a Captain.  Plus, Murphy is the son of some high-powered so-and-so in this state and they want to destroy everything the Williams’ have worked to achieve in our careers.”  Caterina knew she had her political enemies because of what she has done and what she stood for.  Even worse, she had the enemies because she stood beside and behind her husband 110% of the time, and put all of her political support behind him.


            As for my position in this Academy, if you check the records in the Governor’s office you will find the orders given by the prior Governors’ over the years that the Five-O Department has worked for and what was said about my position in this Department and what I’m to accomplish in the Academy.  There is an outline of what the Academy is to achieve and when it should be done by.  A periodic review of the Academy standings is done to make sure that everything is on track and/or we are at any given time.  It is a known fact that the major goals are achieved on timely basis but some of the stages in getting there are done sometimes out of order of the outline only because what is planned for is sometimes not the same as reality.


Caterina leaned back in her chair and hit the necessary keys to save what she had been typing.  All the while, she was thinking about what she wanted to do to that SOB big time.  “Ten to one that is who is in Dannya office getting his head ripped off.”  Caterina smiled at the thought of a headless Murphy and laughed.


Question Seven:                   How often does Chief Williams allow you, his Deputy Chief and wife to take advantage of taking time off for no valid reason?


Caterina thought that would be the day Dannya would allow that of me or anyone else. She knew that anyone taking more then a day or two without advance notice would be in more trouble then could they could be imagined.


Answer Seven:                      Never.  If any member of his team is in need of time off, Chief Williams allows it with proper advance notice.  As in any Police Department, Seniority gets first choice of time off.  I prepare the schedule for the detectives and administrative staff as part of my duties of managing the Five-O office for Chief Williams.  All time off must go to Chief Williams for final approval and time granted is dependent on the case load and the various involvement of the staff member.


What does that female think, I take all the time off I want whenever I want.  Taking an unplanned day at will could be a nice day off but it would have a high price tag.  The cost of having to listen to a lecture from the boss man and complaints from extra work laid on someone else back would overwhelm the pleasure of day in a matter of minutes.  No Thank You.


I never even got the proper maternity leave that is allowable by law because of this academy job, not to mention that cousin of mine.  Sure, I got to stay home because of the problems I had during my pregnancy but I worked eight to ten hours a day even at home.  Even after each set of twins that were born, I was back in the office within the month on short day by academy standards, in addition, to working at home.  Then again, that was and is the price tag for being put in charge of the Police Academy.  “I wanted the job and I got it with glory and headaches that comes with the job.”


“That witch over in the Capital Building wants to forget the trouble that occurred during my first pregnancy, only because she and Terri were behind the trouble.”  Caterina remembers how Terri Whitman and Makeline Kottone played havoc in the academy during her first pregnancy and cousin Steve caught only Terri with her hand in the cookie jar, and Terri is still paying the price in jail for the destruction she did.  Caterina could not understand why Terri never took Makeline down with her.  “Then again, Terri has always sworn she would get even for her time in jail.  With her attitude she will never get out of prison.  Then again very few got parole for a conviction on Murder One.”


            Since Five-O is now a larger team under Chief Williams then under Chief McGarrett there is a little more flexibility for taking regular or emergency time off.  There are exceptions to that rule, such as illness or family problems that needs that individual’s full attention.  Lack of proper attention is a deadly thing in this world of ours.


            When I show up late for work and leave in the middle of the day when I’m scheduled to be at work all day, the reason usually has to do with our children or some kind emergency that needs to be taken care of.  There are also times when Chief Williams allows a shift in the working hours, such as, the midnight training that goes on at the Academy.  When it is my turn for the midnight runs at the Academy, my hours shift on the job so that it may appear that I’m off when I’m actually working the late shift.


            Chief Williams also believes in enough rest for of his staff and good family relations.  As a result, when a detective puts in heavy schedule for more then twelve days running with no time off and the case finally allows for some flexibility or ends, the individual detectives working on the case are permit several days of showing up later then normal or leaving earlier then normal for that detective to catch up on their sleep and/or spend time with their families.


Question Eight & Nine:        Does Chief Williams delegate authority equally among his team members?  Does he give them a chance to achieve a higher level of authority?


Answer Eight & Nine:           Yes to both questions.  Part of Chief Williams’ job is to train and oversee his detectives going from beginner detective to becoming a top rated senior detective.  All new officers coming into the Department that are both experienced and inexperienced are taken into Five-O and taught the way of the Department and how it works.


            Part of my job is to teach new members of the team the basics under the watchful eye of Chief Williams.  As for the least experience detectives, they are put on time schedule to achieve set goals by Chief Williams.  After three weeks on the team, a basic beginner working in the Department is moved up to more fieldwork with a senior detective.  After another six months, the beginner detective is partnered with a junior detective for about a year before they are allowed to go solo on a regular basis and achieve a junior detective level for themselves.  With each step and proof of advancement of any detective in Chief Williams command, they are given more and more independence and authority within the Department.


            Any officer and/or detective violating Chief Williams’ rules and regulations are disciplined accordingly.  What action is taken is between Chief Williams’ and that officer and/or detective.  The most common disciplinary action is what the Chief deems is necessary to keep that officer and/or detective in line and the morale of the team high.  Disciplinary actions is a rarity in the Department since loyalty and care are taken to follow the orders of Chief Williams and the needs that are demanded of the cases that are being worked on.


This Department is a family and a team and everyone relies on everyone else.  There are no cutthroats in this office other then perhaps Murphy.  Caterina was remembering the difference between the McGarrett’s team and Williams’ team and realized there is no big difference other then the fact the family team was bigger.


Question Ten & Eleven:       Does Chief Williams have the knowledge to use up-to-date technology in the office?  Does he make use of the available equipment to fight crime today?


The man has a brain and he knows how to use it.  You don’t get to his level and ability without knowing what to do.  What a couple of preposterous questions.  Let’s see, I could */#$^&* and forget what I did with the body of what’s her face.


Answer Ten & Eleven:          Yes, Chief Williams has all of the proper training and technical knowledge to do his job.  He is always returning to some form of a training seminar to advance his abilities to perform the job as Chief of Hawaii Five-O.  Seven years ago, under the direction of Governor Venay the Five-O office was totally upgraded with the most modern equipment available at that time.  Since then, Chief Williams maintains a budget for upgrading the equipment as needed or purchasing additional equipment as required.  Every member of the Five-O team, from the administrative staff to senior level detectives to the Chief have been fully trained in the use of all equipment at their fingertips.


            Having all the modern equipment is fine for many things, but good detective work always comes back down to leg work, investigating the scene of the crimes, interviewing victims, suspects, and/or witnesses.  There is no amount of equipment that changes this fact.  Modern equipment can only aid a good investigator in their investigation.


            Periodic training sessions are held in the Five-O office to bring the staff up to date on new techniques and new possible uses of old and new equipment.  As the trainer of the department, it is my job to keep everyone up to par, not to do this would only cause Chief Williams problems in not staying one-step head of the criminals and possible embarrassment from uninformed or untrained team members.


Caterina looked at the page of questions and noticed she was finally on the last one.  “This one will have to wait for an hour or so, I have class to teach.”  Caterina got up after sending what she had answered so far to the printer and closed the document for safety.  “Computers are nice but one never knows when the network goes down around here.”  Caterina picked up her teaching materials and head out to the classroom for a controlled peace of mind, cadets that needed training.  Caterina never allowed the pressure of her job to take away from her training time in the classrooms.  That is what she wanted to do more then the paper work of the job was to train the future officers of Hawaii.


Before leaving her office, she noticed it had gotten quieter in the Chief’s office but the door was still closed and shade still drawn.  Caterina knew that the Chief needed his cooling down period before facing the world again or he left for a little more investigative work.  Caterina closed and locked her office door and headed for her classroom.



After teaching some the modern techniques of computer investigation, Caterina returned to her office to see that the door between her office and the Chief’s office was now open.  She went over to desk and noticed the review of Chief Williams was laying in the middle of the desk, “Damn, I should not have printed it before I left or I should’ve waiting for it to finish printing and put it in my desk.”  She looked up and listened, it was quiet in the other office expect for soft music that was playing in the background.  Dannya was listening to his classical music again, one of the nicer pieces.


Caterina wanted to go and see what was going on but was not ready to deal with this review and her boss.  So, she sat down and finished the final question she had been thinking about for the past hour.  She had made a few notes while she surprised the class with an unexpected quiz.  Totally unexpected since she didn’t realize it until she gave the surprise quiz.  Her mind was not on what she needed to be teaching so she gave up and surprised the class with a little quiz.  She mused to herself, “Surprise quizzes does help to keep them on their toes, and gives me more work to do.”  Catie put the test papers aside for the moment and pulled out her notes.


Now it was time to finish this job once and all.  She opened up the document once again and started the final question.  “Thank heavens it is almost done.”



Question Twelve:                 At the age of fifty-four is Chief Williams still capable of taking care of himself out in the field and others around him?


The Governor is questioning his physical capability.  With a totally wife point-of-view, she thought about Chief Daniel “Dannya” James Williams physique.  Caterina looked up when she heard a noise in the other office, and then watched as her boss crossed his office and went past the open door to the outer office area.  Mrs. Williams smiled thinking about the question of her husband’s body. That witch is questioning that body, Oh what a body.  With longing wife thoughts, His body, his wonderful physique that can out distance some of the junior officers under his command.  That body that can pleasure a woman for hours on end with his soft and loving touch, tender kisses and just being in his arms.  That body that I have fought other women to keep for myself, THAT BODY.  Caterina sighed to herself knowing she would have preferred to continue that train of thought or even think of more pleasant ways of using THAT BODY, but unfortunately she needed to finish this rotten evaluation task.


Answer Twelve:                    Chief Williams is both physically and mentally fit and capable of performing his duties.  He has set a standard that all members of his team must physically work out in the gym at least three to four days a week, if not more.  Chief Williams himself works out between four to six days a week between the gym and swimming in the ocean.


            His heart is strong and his body is in perfect shape for a man of fifty-four years.  Attached is Chief Williams’ latest police physical given six months ago.


Caterina fishes out a copy of medical exam results from her locked cabinet behind her desk and placed it under the original questions to make sure it gets attached.  She looks over the medical report and sees that it was marked in perfect health.  “Oh yes,” she sighed again “that body is in perfect health.”


Additional Information Regarding Chief Williams:


            Chief Williams was taught to be the best that he or anyone can be.  He has a Bachelors degree from Beckley University in Police Science and Masters degrees in psychology, political science and education from the University of Hawaii.


            He was trained here at the Honolulu Police Academy almost thirty years ago after spending four years in the US Navy.  He is still a Navy Reserve Officer with the rank of Commander.  Just prior to taking command of his present position, he finalized his training in intelligence work at CIA training grounds and was certified to work by the CIA on the upper levels of intelligence work that no one else in the State is certificated in.  This level of certification is required of anyone holding the position of Chief of Five-O.



Chief Dannya Williams walked back into office and notices his Deputy Chief at her desk again, so he walked over to the doorway between their offices and watched Caterina for a moment.  He saw her level of intense concentration as she answered the final question.  He saw the list of questions and their answers when he went into her office about an hour ago, it must have been just after she left to teach her class.  The printer was still printing when he opened the door.  Now he wondered what the answer to the twelfth question was.  Then he approached Caterina’s desk, “How are you doing Sweetheart?”


Caterina was so into finish her evaluation of Chief Williams that she jumped in her seat when she heard his voice.  “Dannya, I didn’t hear you come in.”  She looked up at him and saw how tried he was from the days events.  But there was a very inviting smile on his lips, one that she would be very willing to reply to and a pleasant smile in his blue eyes.


Dannya walk around to the side of the desk that she was sitting on and cleared his usual corner of the desk of test papers so he could sit there, and asked very innocently.  “What are you working on?”


Caterina smiled at him, she knew that he knew the answer already, the evaluation questions were left on her desk with a purple pen marking for corrections in his hand writing {if that is was you call he chicken scratch}.  “An evaluation.  You know the annual evaluation that you are working on as well.  Those things you and Vodves are meeting with me on in a couple of days.”  Caterina was avoiding telling him whose evaluation because she was not supposed to discuss this with Chief Williams but knew in the long run she would have to because of the protocol of her office and his required authorization to release the necessary information from it.


Dannya knew and didn’t press the issue because the computer screen was open and he could see the latest question that she was answering and what she had said.  He reached down to take his wife’s hand in his and pulled her into his arms for a kiss, a passionate kiss because he need a fix to get him through the rest of the day.


Caterina never objected to these little fringe benefits that only she could have and would kill if he tried it with another person.  She returned his kisses with all the loving and longing feelings she had for him.  She thought to herself, I could use this kind of reward for the hard work I just finished, anytime and anywhere.  She put her arms around his neck and allowed him what pleasure he was looking for.  What a body he still has.  Still firm.  Still strong,  Still …… Dannya took Caterina into a more passionate embrace.  Oh, Dannya . . .





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