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Caterina heard her old friend come back into the room, she recognized him by the sound of his footfalls.  “Hello Harry.”


Remington walked over to and kissed her on the top of the head, “Hello Love.  Are you feeling better?”


“A little.”  Caterina noticed the police nurse was missing from the room, so she took hold of Remington’s hand and rested her head against it.  “Harry, have I ever thanked you for being there when I needed you?”


Remington looked down at his friend and smiled, “Just as often as I thanked you for being there when I needed you.”  He saw her smile at his statement.


“That often?  She started to laugh and Remington joined her.  “Thank you Harry, Remington, or whoever you may be.”


“I’m an old friend, that is who I’m and I answer to almost any name.”  He squeezed her hand gently to give her a measure of reinsurance.  “You are welcome my old friend, you are very welcome.”


“Remington, who is watching your children?  You were not supposed to be here this long.”


Remington had over heard McGarrett talking to Wise earlier about Caterina not being with it yet, maybe this was sign she was coming back to reality.  “Laura’s sister, Fran, has the children.  We called the day that” he hesitated over the next couple of words “you were shot and told her we would be a few days late getting back.  Being a good Aunt, she was more then willing to watch the kids for a couple of more days.  She loves the idea of having the kids for a few more days but not the reason for our delay.”


“Fran, oh yeah, I remember meeting her once, a long time ago.  If I recall correctly, she has a number of children of her own.”


“Yes, she does.”


“Didn’t you tell me that she is expecting her first grandchild?”


“Yeah, in a couple of months.  Then I’ll be Great Uncle Remington.”


Caterina was smiling at what he said, “You already are a Great Uncle Remington, but there are times that Uncle Remington has driven Dannya crazy with what he taught our kids.”


Remington pulled his hand free to place both of them on her head and kissed it again, saying “Funny Lady Caterina.”  Yeah I know, BOY do I know that because of the number lectures I have gotten over the years from both the Williams for teaching different things to their four kids.


Caterina decided to pick up her story.  “I was telling you the story of how I met this man of mine.  Where was I?”


Remington headed for his chair to sit as he reminded her, “You kept going the Palace and bumping into the love of your life.”  He smiled one of his more intimate smiles when Caterina turned to look at him.  The smile was to give her the reinsurance that he was concerned with her welfare and awaited the rest of her story.


Caterina returned his smile and picked up her story once again.  “When I finished my senior year of high school I planned to go to college but money was a small problem, or that is what I believe back then.  Steve would be able to pay for a good part of it, but the full financial aid was not there.  Due to some run-ins with the Governor prior to that time, I got a chance to get my college degree fully paid for by the State of Hawaii and got into the Police Academy at a very early age.”


Caterina turned back to her husband to continue telling her story, while everyone in the room listened, including the guards at the doorway.


“One day I was called by the Governor to come see him after school.  When I arrived, I waited for over an hour because of some police emergency that Dannya and Steve were in the Governor’s office discussing.  I had gotten up to go the ladies room and came back to find out the two of them had left, just at that moment because I saw Dan getting into the elevator.  Then I got in to see the Governor.”


Caterina makes the next comment more directly to her husband than anyone else in the room.  “I remember the first time I saw your future office, it looked huge, just think Sweetheart in about two months that office will be all yours for the next four years Dannya, that is, if you AWAKE before then.”  She took hold of his hand again, only this time Dannya gave her a squeeze to let her know he was listening to her.  Caterina look up in surprise, “Peke, get the Doctor, he is waking up.”  With joy and relief in her voice, “Dannya just squeezed my hand, again.”


Sgt. Peke looked at her in disbelief, then checked the read out to see if there were any changes in the Chief’s readings and saw an improvement in several of the monitor readings.  Then she heard a low unclear voice come from the bed, at first she thought it was Lady Caterina when she realized it was a male voice.  Peke then had the doctor paged to come to the room.


Doctor Singleton came in a few minutes later agreeing there was an improvement by stating “Chief Williams was out of his coma and he was now in a deep sleep.”


There was a major sigh of relief from everyone in the room when they heard the good news.  Singleton spoke softy to Peke asking, “I wonder what brought on this change in his condition this quickly?”


Peke told Singleton that, “Lady Caterina has been telling us the story of their life together.  Perhaps he is interested in her version of their life long love affair.”


“Love affair,” sounding surprised “I thought they were married?”  Doctor Singleton didn’t understand about the Williams’ relationship.


“Yes Doctor, we are married and very happily for twenty-five years.  Many of our colleagues call our marriage a love affair because of the way we always treat each other, like lovers more then spouses.”


The Doctor looked even more confused then before.  “Mrs. Williams your husband has started to regain consciousness sooner than expected for this kind of injury, which means there should be a complete recovery.  At this point in time, I suggest you continue telling your little story Lady Caterina, I mean Mrs. Williams, I mean, what do I call you?”


“Mrs. Williams is just fine with me, Doctor.  I’ve been very happy as Mrs. Daniel James Williams for long time and hope to remain this happy for a long time to come.”


Singleton looked at the patients in the room, having a husband and wife in the same room is unusual but not unheard of.  May be there is something to the rumors about this couple being that much in love with each other that being together is helping Chief Williams.  He remembered during the election campaign she was always at his side, with eyes only for him.  It was one of the reasons he voted for Williams.  “Well I suggest you keep up your story telling it’s seems to be doing wonders for your husband.  I would love to stay and hear it but duty calls.”  Yes I would love to hear their story, most of what he heard was from the publicity machine during the election but there was never any negative information regarding their relationship no matter what the other candidate tried to say about them.


Singleton walked over the Caterina and checked her over, taking her pulse and her heart rate.  He looked into her eyes and saw life in there that was not present thirty-four hours ago when he came out of surgery on Governor Elect Williams.  “I must say Mrs. Williams you are looking much better today.”


“Thank you Doctor.  I am starting to feel a lot better now.”  There was live energy in her voice that had been lacking for over a day.


“As I said, I would love to stay and hear your story, but I have to make my rounds.”  Then Dr. Singleton left the room.


“Thank you Doctor Singleton for everything.”


As he left the room you could hear him say, “Your Welcome.”




Peke had been watching the exchange between Doctor Singleton and Lady Caterina in wonderment.  While she watched this exchanged she remembered the first time she had witness this kind of exchange between Lady Caterina and someone else when it came to discussing her husband Chief Williams’ condition.  She was finishing up her training as a nurse in this hospital before she entered the academy.  Lady Caterina had impressed her with her attitude towards the nursing staff and Captain Amanak.


Peke had overheard the two ladies discussing possible candidates for the academy and didn’t understand at that time what it meant, but two-days later she was in Lady Caterina’s office signing the paper work to be a cadet at the academy for the newest classes of becoming a Police Nurse.  Peke was amazed what she did and how happy she was now doing the kind of nursing that she could do and would do.  Peke is the daughter and granddaughter of a couple of finest Maui Police Department had to offer until they both retired.  Now her older brother was a officer in MPD.  She had always been torn between becoming a cop and becoming a nurse.  Her wanting to help the sick won the first round of her education, but now she could be both.  Sometimes the tasks were easy and other times they were hard.  But today, was a rare honor to watch over the top two police officers in the State of Hawaii and yet at the same time got to care for the Governor Elect Williams.


She remembered telling her brother the duty she pulled and he congratulated her for good fortune and he wished her luck in taking care of the Williams’.




Peke said, “Things never change Lady Caterina, those who don’t know you can’t believe that two people can still be so in love with each other after all these years.”


“Will Peke, I hope things will never change in that respect, and I don’t mind in the least.  It kind of puts a naughty edge on our relationship.”  Everyone in the room broke into a soft laughter at the idea.




After everyone settled, back down from the good news Caterina followed the Doctor’s orders and continued to tell her story.


“To continue with my little tale …



Pau to Chapter One

I hope you enjoyed Chapter One and a couple of my side trips with other parts of the story that shows what is in store for you.


A side note, if you want to know where to find James MacArthur and Jack Lord in “Waiting Game Section” check out the Character listing to find out where they were.


In the coming months Chapter Two – The Academy Days will be posted.









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