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{Be warned:  this section has sexual content included}


When Caterina woke up from her little nap, she noticed that only the Police Nurse was in the room and she was checking on Dannya’s status once again or was it still checking on Dannya.


The movements of Caterina in the bed made the nurse turn around, “Well, hello there sleepy head.”  She turned back to the monitors and finished checking on the Chief.  After finishing with the Chief, the nurse came over to Caterina with a friendly smile, “Afternoon, Lady Caterina, any good police nurse knows not to look for you anywhere but at the Chief’s side.”  Then she checked on her temperature and pulse rate.  “I see Deputy Chief Wise was smart enough to get you a bed of your own in your husband’s room.”


While the nurse took her pulse, Caterina inquired, “How long have I been asleep?”


“Your were asleep when I came on duty about three hours ago.”  She finished checking her vital signs and marked them down on the chart.  The Nurse helped Caterina to sit up, “I have these for you to take per the doctors orders.”


After Caterina finished taking her medication and a long drink of cool water, she needed to know,  “What is Dannya’s condition now?”


“Chief Williams is considerably stronger.”  The nurse turned her attention back to the Chief.  “Chief, I do suggest that you wake up now and take your wife home to bed so you both can get a good night’s rest TOGETHER.”  The nurse looked at Lady Caterina with a friendly smile and found a small smile on Lady Caterina’s face that she was hoping for. “I need to get the necessary medical supplies for both of you, so I’ll leave you two alone for a few minutes.”  The nurse wanted to give Lady Caterina a couple minutes of privacy because she was aware of the Chief and Lady Williams' reputation for being truly in love with each, as well, as being good partners.


“By the way, they just changed the shift, so tell Alika if you need anything.”  She headed for the door and turned back to see Lady Caterina getting off the bed. “I’m Sgt. Peke and I graduated from the academy six months ago, if you are trying to put a name to a face.”  Police Nurse Peke left the room and told the officer on duty, “I’m going for the necessary medical supplies and Lady Caterina is awake and needs some time alone with the Chief.  So let’s leave them be for a few minutes.”


Officer Alika looked in on the couple in the room, “Evening Commandant” then turned to watch Peke go for the medical supplies.


Caterina got out of bed to stretch her sore muscles and was reminded of her injured shoulder from a shooting pain and the feeling of stiffness in her shoulder as she tried to move it.  She slowly walked over to her husband’s bedside to check on him.  She could see that Dannya had more color in his face and he looked like he could wake up any moment now.  Caterina leaned over to kiss his warm cheek and could hear that his breathing came evenly and easier then it had when she last saw him.  “I love you, Dannya,” she whispered in his ear.


She needed to take a short walk to stretch her legs and walk some of the stiffness out of her muscles.  Peke returned with the needed medical supplies just as Caterina headed for the doorway, where upon she was stopped by Officer Alika long enough to notify control that she was accompanying Commandant Caterina on a short walk around the floor.  Alika also made a request for a cup of hot tea and a roll with cream cheese for the Commandant.  They were leaving the ladies room, when they spotted halfway back to the room another officer checking the tray from the hospital kitchen for Lady Caterina, as well as some coffee and goodies for the officers on duty.


Once again in the room, she sat down, and slowly drank her tea while eating her roll while she consider her conversation with Steve, Remington, Arms and Amanak that was started before she fell asleep.


Caterina took hold of her husband’s hand and looked at it.  She slowly caressed it with her fingertips and she could see that it was still a powerfully strong hand for taking care of various kinds of business and from years of being a police officer, there were a few scars from the fights he had been involved in.  And yet, she knew his hands were soft and gentle to the touch when handling those he loved.  Caterina thought about all those times that his hands would pick up his children because they needed their Daddy to comfort them, or just be held by him to read them a story, or having to use these hands for disciplining his children.


Caterina started to smile broadly at all the times these hands would take hers while walking on their beach, around Oahu, or times he just wanted to hold hers.  And of course, the best times were when these hands caressed her body with such a soft and loving touch still making her a little nervous that would cause her to have butterflies.


That is when her thoughts went back to the first time his strong hands touched her as a lover.  She started to think about their first New Year’s Eve party that meant everything to her and the beginning of their love for each other.


Caterina started talking to her husband, “Dannya, earlier I was answering a question that Remington asked about the first time we met, but now that I’m looking at these strong and caring hands of yours, I remember another first for us.  A first that changed my world by turning it upside down and taking you into my heart and life forever.”


Peke turned to face Caterina, “Did you say something to me?”


Caterina was not paying any attention to her because she was in her own little private world of Dan Williams.  She continued to talk to Dannya, “I remember the 1974 New Year’s Eve party given by Steve,” there was laughter to her voice as she spoke the next couple of words, “In addition to Steve giving that party, he actually got to attend it.  Something he didn’t always get to do because of police business.


“I think he gave that New Year’s Eve Party more for me then himself because there was a mix of friends there, all of the Five-O team and their ladies and several of my friends.  Unfortunately, when my friends found out that his friends were there, they all slowly left for another party.  What was funny that year, I didn’t mind them leaving because when I found out you were coming without a date I was on cloud nine.


“Do you remember Dannya, it was the second January after it became legal for eighteen year olds to drink and at 12:00:01 AM, January 1st, you gave me my first approved legal drink of Champagne.”  Caterina laughed at the look she remembered on her Cousin’s face, “Steve was not too thrilled about it but he could only disapprove and nothing else.  He knew it was my right of passage to legal adulthood.  Plus, I had promised him before the party that I would only have one glass of champagne that evening and no other alcoholic drinks.


“I remember watching you that evening and you only had one beer and a glass of champagne, otherwise you only drink soda.  I knew you were a drinker compared to my Cousin but that night you didn’t drink as much as I had been told you were known to drink.”


Caterina was still tried along with being a little drowsy from the events of the past thirty-some hours, in addition, to the medication Peke had given her earlier.  Caterina leaned back in the chair next to Dannya with his hand in hers and closed her eyes seeing the events of the New Year’s Eve party and their first adult encounter together.


At 12:10 am New Year’s Eve 1974, Dan Williams took me by the hand so we could take a walk along the shoreline by the beach house.  We walked in the moonlight to a small patch of palm trees that cut the view from the back of the house where everyone was partying.  We could still hear the party going on from the house as well as the one going on at Uncle Mayor’s place next door.


Caterina felt like an adult walking hand-in-hand with Dannya along the beach, then Dannya stopped by one of the palm trees away from the beach, then he leaned against it pulling me into his strong arms and gave me my first truly passionate kiss.  Caterina remembered the butterflies in her stomach as she wrapped her free arm around her stomach feeling those butterflies again remembering the way her knees gave out below her.  As you kissed me, your hands embraced me in a way that no one had ever touched me before that night or anyone else since.  You took my breath away and as we parted, you pulled me closer to you where I put my head on your shoulder and she remembered the feeling of the strong warmth of his body against hers and how comfortably right it felt.  As we stood there, you slowly started to caress my back with your hands, making me shake from your touch.  When I started to pull away just a little, you gently pulled me into another passionate kiss and turned us around so I was leaning against the tree.  You were so sweet and gentle that night when you slowly started to make your passionate moves.


Then your hands went to the back of my neck were you undid the tie of my halter-top and I looked into your blue eyes that had such love in them.  Then you started to kiss me from my lips, down my neck and ever so slowly to the tips of my breasts where you placed a loving kiss on tip of my hardening nipples.  Caterina could see that tree, which she was leaning against and the tangles that she felt go through her body, if it weren’t for that tree, we would have been down on the sand.  When you finished kissing me, you pulled away from me with a look of pure pleasure and satisfaction.  After seeing that look of pleasure, I remember getting scared and wanting to run away.  Caterina was smiling to herself as she saw his youthful face in her mind’s eye once again, so she opened her eyes to look at her sleeping Prince Charming.  He was older but just as handsome as ever, or is that what she wanted to see through the eyes of someone blindly in love even after thirty years with the same man.


She also remembered part of her wanted to make Dannya stop, while the other half wanted him more then life itself.  She was pretty sure she would most likely have given him anything he wanted, if her future Lover and husband had not stopped when he did, she might have gone all the way with him that New Year’s Eve.


I started to regain my senses and pulled my dress top back to where it should have been when you stepped forward with a look of loving concern on your face, then you reached around my neck to retie it, and then you kissed me on the lips once again.  My arms went around you to hold on to for dear life because I never wanted you to let go of me and my legs were so weak I could not stand without holding on.


“Dannya, do you remember are first New Year Eve’s party together?  I remember the look in your eyes that night saying ‘This is a promise of what is to come in our future together.’  As you kissed me with such a loving and passionate kiss that I had butterflies in my stomach for a week every time I thought about you and that kiss.”  Caterina looked down at her stomach when she felt the butterflies once again, which caused her to laugh, “I take that back, I still get butterflies whenever I think of you that way.”  She leaned forward in her chair and kissed his hand.


She looked up at that moment when she heard something come from him, “Dannya” Caterina said as she got out of the chair and moved closer to his head, “Dannya, I’m here sweetheart.”


Sgt. Peke came over to the bed and checked the Chief out, and then stated, “He is starting to wake up, maybe those butterflies are tickling him into waking up.”


Caterina looked up at Peke then realized what she had been saying to her husband.  With a smile, “You think so?  You think he had those some kind of butterflies that I had whenever he came close to me?”


“I don’t know Lady Caterina but I would not bet against it.”  Peke had walked around the bed to help Caterina back into her chair.  “Why don’t you finishing telling Chief Williams your little tale of your first New Year’s Eve together?”


Caterina went back to thinking about that evening, knowing that her husband was starting to slowly wake up.


After another moment in each other’s arms, you told me ‘I will never do anything to hurt you, nor will I make you do anything you didn’t want to.’  I saw a look in your eyes that night that told me I could always trust you.  I also saw a look of pleasure that with time I would look forward to seeing in your face in our love making, even today, hopefully again tomorrow and all the tomorrows that we will have together.


Then you started us back to the house where everyone was starting to head home.  I also, remember Steve standing on the edge of the patio talking with Duke and Mary waiting for us.  As we passed the edge of the trees, you pulled away from our loving embrace to being arms length apart.


Caterina started laughing at one of memories of that evening, “I learned that night you enjoyed dumb little jokes because if you remember I picked up a seashell on the beach from our moonlight walk and made a joke about.”  There was laughter in her voice, “I held the shell up to my ear and said ‘you know something, you can really hear the ocean if you hold the shell next to your ear.’  There was such a look of you got to be kidding on your face, then you broke out laughing, followed by bending down for your own shell, but yours had sand on it that you tossed at me.  I started to run back to the house with you following and we were still laughing as we got to the patio, and Steve was there waiting to greet us.


“Steve had such a look of disapproval on his face that I was never sure if it was meant for you or for me.  You then told Steve, ‘you have yourself one gorgeous beach for a moonlight walk.  We were just checking it out and I was having a nice little talk with this crazy Cousin of yours’.”


Caterina thought about that look, oh Steve had such a nasty look on his face from the way we looked covered with sand and acting crazy.  You were not acting your age at the time, you were acting more like a crazy kid like me.  At that point, you took my hand and kissed it as I started to head to bed for the night, but before you left, you came back to my room to give me one more short passionate kiss that would have to hold me for a very long time.


Caterina just watched her husband for a few minutes before saying, “I have never mentioned that night to anyone, but I have thought about it more than a million times over the years.”  Getting up from the chair she sat on the edge of the bed again so she could lean over to whisper in his ear. “You should know my love, in many ways, I compare our love making to that first time we were together with how you have treated me in your arms ever since that night.  Sometimes that night is left in the dust with our more advanced passionate abilities through the years, and other times you don’t even come close because you were just not with it or out of sorts.  But no matter how you hold and kiss me, the fact is, you are still holding and kissing me and we do make some of the most beautiful and passionate love any two people can make.”  She kissed his neck just below his ear. Then she pulled away from her lover saying in a loving but demanding tone, “So Mr. Williams, will you wake up so I can hold you and kiss you in the fashion that we have come so loving familiar too,” because I want to make love to you again and again and again.  Caterina was smiling at her memories of her man at the young age of twenty-eight.


After finishing remembering that wonderful New Year’s Eve, Caterine heard someone enter the room.  She turned to see Steve and Sgt. Hekule Hulu coming in.  “Hello Steve.”


Steve walked over to where Caterina was sitting and helped his cousin back into her chair.  “How are you feeling, Kitten?”  He kissed her on the top of the head, leaving his hand on her shoulder for a moment.


“I’m feeling better thanks, but a little stiff.  How are things going with the investigation?”


“Things are going slowly but surely.  That Wise that works for Danno is very good at his job.  Almost as good as Danno was when he was that young.”


“I hope so Steve, since he will be taking over as Chief within the next couple of months.”  Caterina turned around to look Steve in the eye.  “How are you getting along with Wise?  Are you causing any problems?”


“ME!!!!! Cause problems.”  There was a wounded pride look on Steve’s face that made Caterina laugh.


Caterina answered laughing.  “Yes you.  You cause a lot of trouble at times, Steve.  Now are you getting along with Wise?”


“I think we are getting along just fine.”  Steve was holding back the fact that he was kinda enjoying working with Wise, it felt like old times but it was not the same.  Wise was not Danno and what was at stake was more important to him then any other case he ever worked on next to the time he went after that devil that tried to kill Caterina years before.


“What have you found out so far?”


Steve was being as closed mouth now, as he was when he was Chief.  “All we have done so far is to review Danno’s case load for the past couple of years against the parolee list of criminals that have sworn to get revenge against Danno.  That list is long and it is taking time to check out the list of suspects.”


“Almost as long as the list was when you retired Steve?’  Caterina said half-teasing knowing just how long Steve’s list was and how long her husband’s list could be.  Many of the names on Dannya list at one time could be found on Steve’s as well.  They made many of the same enemies over the years of working together, but there are additional names since Steve retired.


Steve cleared his throat at that statement, “Yeah, almost as long.” Caterina what I’m not saying is that it’s a possibility that the shooting was meant for you and not Danno.  “Wise is checking every possible angle as to the reason why the two of you were shot.”  Steve thought that statement should make his cousin realize the reason they both shootings could be one of her enemies and/or Danno’s, because that theory works out with the fact your medical history in this hospital was altered.  Caterina you still have not been told that your medical chart is under a watchful eye to make sure no tempers with it again and that all the medication is very carefully checked before it brought into this room for either one of you. Steve knew to kill Danno would kill Caterina in ways that could not be measured or seen by anyone other then close friends and family members.


After Sgt. Hulu finished checking the Chief out, she looked at McGarrett with a cold stare of why don’t you tell her the truth.


Steve was immune to these kinds of looks from years of being the Chief of Five-O and as a result didn’t rise to the bait of Sgt. Hulu.


Caterina looked around but didn’t see the little exchange between Steve and Hulu.  “Steve, where are the kids?”


“They were taken home several hours ago to get some rest.  They protested the orders all the way home along with Arms children.  Funny thing, as soon as they got home, all six of them were out the second their heads hit the pillows.”  Steve smiled at the memories of how Caterina could fall asleep so easily at that age, “Those four kids of yours are most definitely yours, they fall asleep easily when they are home were it is safe and sound.”  Steve saw a smile on his Cousin’s face at the mentioning of her children.  “There is a female and male HPD officer with the kids, along with a male Five-O officer.  Plus, when I left the house Mayor was there.”


“That’s good, the kids like Uncle Mayor and they get along with him like a grandfather.”  Caterina was still a little lost in thoughts of her past.


“I’ll bring them over a little later to visit with you and Danno.”  Steve could tell after this little exchange that Caterina was still not up to speed and she was in shock from the shooting yesterday.  She was still dazed by what had happened, but now Steve realized if Caterina’s head was in the present she would have been calling and hounding Wise for what was going on and giving orders as to what should be done.  It had been almost thirty-six hours and Danno is doing better but Caterina’s mind had suffered a greater shock then he thought was possible.  He began to wonder just what was on her mind.


“It will be good see them.”


Steve was about to leave the room when he told Caterina, “I’ll be back in a couple of hours Kitten, with the kids.”


“Steve, before you leave, answer a question for me?”


Steve replied, “What is it Kitten?”


“Did you threaten Dannya around the time of the ‘74 New Year’s Eve Party when I was 18?”


The question took Steve a little by surprise, very few things in his relationship with his Cousin Caterina took him by surprise.  “Threaten Danno?  Why would I do something like that?”


“I don’t know.  Maybe because he took me for a moonlight walk after midnight on New Years Eve and you wanted him to keep his distance from me.  Every time I even got close to him back then you had a look of kill in your eyes.  Then there were the lectures of meeting someone closer to my own age.”


Steve walked over to Caterina and put a hand on her shoulder.  Now he knew what was on her mind, her life with Danno.  He was going to tell her the truth about what happened back then, he had no reason not to. “I told him a couple of days after that New Year’s Eve party in my office ‘if he ever went near you or even just touched you before you graduated college, I would break every bone in his body’.”  There was a strong protective parental sound to his tone.  “You should have seen his face that morning I told him to keep his distance.”  Steve hesitated a little over the next few words “I wanted you to have a chance at a good and normal future not married to cop or anyone because you got pregnant at the wrong time in your life.”  He had known from that New Year’s Eve party that Danno would be part of his Cousin’s future no matter what he wanted or said.  He choose to put as much distance between them as possible but knew to stop them would only force his Cousin into a wrong kind of relationship with Danno for all the wrong reasons.  If they were to be together, it would have to wait until Caterina had a chance to grow up just a little more.


“Getting pregnant with Dannya’s child would never have been the wrong time in my life.  I always want to be with him and have his children.”


Steve was not surprised by that statement because he knew what she went through just to have two successful pregnancies.  He also knew things would not be that way now if the relationship had gone too far to fast.


“Dannya told me once jokingly, that if you knew we got together you would break him in two.  I was never sure if you had threatened him or not.  He respected your wishes to a point, AND ONLY A POINT.”


To be continued . . . . .





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