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Everyone in the room was silent for a long time waiting for Caterina to make a move; they didn’t want to disturb her because she seemed to be either asleep or was deep in thought.  Remington was troubled over the way Catie was looking.  Her clothes were covered with blood.  She was worn out from the mental strain of the day, plus her usual refusal to go to her own room and leave her husband’s side.  Remington thought to himself someone needed to get help to clean up Caterina.  He got up to address the one of the officers at the door when a familiar face appeared in a nurse’s uniform wearing Captain bars.  “Evening Captain Amanak,” (exchanging hugs), “it’s good to see you again. 


“Evening Steele, I should have known you would be here.  You always seem to be there when Catie needs you.”  Amanak seemed to relax just a little when she saw Steele.  “I’m glad to see one of Catie’s trusted friends here to help look after her.  Is she as bad as I’ve heard?”


“I believe so Amanak, you will be able to see for yourself.”  Remington looked at her hands to verify seeing a package there, “I hope that’s what I think it is?”


“Only if you are thinking about a clean change of clothes.”  They both chuckled quietly.


“Actually, I just got up to ask one of these officers” Remington pointed to one of the officers on duty, “here to contact your husband Arms or someone else to get Catie a change of clothes.”


“Ionakana told me to get a change for Catie before coming over here.”


“If you want, I’ll physically help you move her if necessary.  She is being her usual obstinate self about being moved.  She could use a shower as well.”


“If a shower is what is needed,” Amanak looked into the room to see Laura sitting quietly by the door, “then I think Laura should be the one to help me, not you.”


“Agreed,” Remington smiled.


Both Remington and Amanak started to walk into the room pass the guards when they were stopped.  “Excuse me Captain but my orders are I need to see all ID’s before I let any police nurses in the room with Chief Williams.”


Amanak produced her HPD badge for the Sgt. Deacon.  “Okay Captain Armageddon, I should warn you that if Lady Caterina requests you to leave, I have my orders to physically remove you from the room and notify Deputy Chief Wise of the request for your removal from Chief Williams’ room.”


Amanak wasn’t surprised in the least about Wise’s orders.  They’ve worked together on various cases through the years, so Amanak, knew all to well the full protective routine of Five-O.  “I see Wise is up to his normal extremely high protective standards.”


Sgt. Deacon looked over the badge and ID and returned them to Amanak, “Yes Ma’am, we have to protect Lady Caterina and her husband.”  There was a kind of pride about Deacon’s statement.


Amanak looked at Deacon and knew she was one of the many supports of what Caterina was always doing at the academy.  Then she realized that Deacon was out of place, “Of course, you would be here to protect your boss lady.  I should have realized the academy staff would be the first to volunteer their time over here.”


Standing a little straighter and said with a great deal of pride, “Yes Ma’am.”


Once Amanak put her badge away, she entered the room and was astonished to see how badly Caterina looked getting back in her chair.  She was exhausted, ghostly white and ready to fall apart for sure this time.  She absently handed the package to Laura while walking into the room.  Amanak knew it was going to take Remington’s charm and strength to get Catie into the shower area.  Amanak wished that her husband Ionakana were here instead of Steele.  Her trust of the Steele was influenced by her husband’s option of this man known as Remington Steele.  Ionakana had his reasons for distrusting this person but would never reveal the full reason to her.  Amanak did like Steele, he always seemed to be a nice guy and she trusted him since Steele was a trusted friend of Caterina’s.  She had known him a good number of years and knew that he would not do anything to harm Caterina but help to protect her if needed.  Amanak remembered the case that he aided with that saved Caterina’s life from that creature Terri, who is now serving her time for attempted murder of Caterina and other charges.


After years of knowing Caterina, she knew that Catie would insist on Danny’s assessment before anything.  Ionakana told her to tend to Caterina first before taking care of Danny but Amanak knew better.  Tending Catie meant taking care of Danny’s needs first.


Amanak pulled on her professional manner once again and finished walking over to where the two charts lay in the room and started to inspect them both.  “You know Danny, I’m getting a little to old and tired of coming to the hospital to look after you and that Lady of yours.”  There was a teasing tone to Amanak’s voice.  Being a long-time friend of both Williams allowed her this privilege of picking on the Chief awake or not.  “That is why I worked to get my promotion to Captain so I can have others go to the hospitals and do these kind of things.  But NOOOO, you or Caterina still get hurt and I’m still the first one to be sent over here.”  She continued to review Danny’s chart and made a few notes.  Amanak would never admit to anyone but her husband the fierce pride she took in her determination to protect and aid the Williams’. “You know Danny, I do have a life of my own, not that the two of you would ever know it.”  She got the necessary medication ready for the injection.  “Every time I turn around, I’m ordered back to the hospital to take care you or that your wife of yours.”  She added the prescribed medication to a new IV bag for Danny and then hung it.  “Boy-o-boy, I’m beginning to think I need new friends that don’t demand my nursing attention all the time.”  Amanak noted this look of disapproval from both the Steeles, but she just went about her business ignoring those expressions.  Amanak knew the more she complained about taking care of Danny, the more Caterina would relax and knew that everything would be alright with her little world.  Only a few people knew this fact about the Armageddon’s and Williams’ Families, friends to the end and able to tease each other lovingly and tell each other off without any major repercussions.


Next, she picked up Caterina’s chart, and then turned towards Caterina.  Amanak noticed that Caterina had started to relax since her arrival; good this means you are going to get through this one as you have in the past, my dear friend.  Amanak walked over to Caterina and touched her good shoulder, “as for you ko’u aloha luahine hoa aloha {my dear old friend}, lets go.”


Caterina looked up at her with questioning look.  “Go?  Go Where?”


“To the showers.”


“Showers?  Why?”


“WHY?  What at question, just look at yourself.” Amanak shook her head in a negative manner.  “Never mind, don’t look, I’ll tell you. You are one big mess that needs to be cleaned up.  That’s why.”  Amanak looked at Caterina with concern and reached out her hand.  In her most firm commanding and loving nurses voice, “Caterina, you can do this the easy way or the hard way.  If you pick the hard way I’ll have Remington here pick you up and carry you.”


With those words, Remington moved into the position of picking her up.  In a quiet but firm voice Remington asked, “Caterina, which will it be?”


Amanak suppressed a laugh at Caterina’s expression of shock.  “Yes Caterina, which will it be?  That husband of yours would just LOVE to see you in Steele’s arms.  He has always suspected there was something between the two of you that no one could prove.”  Amanak smiled reassuringly while looking at Caterina.


Remington was turning a nice shade of red.  No one, not even their spouses, knew all the details of their early relationship.  In a tender voice, “what will it be, Love?  It’s been a long time since you needed me to help you across a room.”  Remington put out his hand to help her stand up.


Laura a little surprise wanted to know, “When did you have to help Caterina to get across a room?  I don’t remember you ever getting that close to Caterina.”


Caterina had been watching this little act with some pleasure to know that these old and dear friends still cared about her and Dannya that much and what happened to them.  “Laura it was a life time ago.  Before you got together with Harry here.”  This name caught everyone in the room off guard.  Amanak didn’t understand and the Steeles weren’t likely to comment on the name.  Caterina took the offered hand from Harry.  “It’s like the first time we met Harry, I need to lean on you once again for support.  Only this time I don’t want to get away from Dannya, I want to stay and wait for him.”


Remington put his arm around Caterina’s waistline to support her weaken form.  “I’m glad you don’t want to run this time.  I never believed you wanted to run the first time either.”  Remington looked up to Amanak to ask, “Which way to the showers?”


Amanak and Laura where both wanting to know about this running away from Danny but knew that was story that would never be told to anyone.  Plus they both knew better than to ask for details that would never be explained.


Amanak told Remington, “We are going down the hall and to the left.”  Amanak turned to Laura to ask, “care to join me, I’m going to need a little help in the shower area, which I’m sure you don’t want Remington handling.”


Laura blushes just a bit as she got up.  “You’re right about that part.”


They all started to leave the room when they were met by three officers at the Williams’ doorway due to the changing of the shift.  Amanak turned to the new officer, “Officer Keeley, join me before taking over watch of Chief Williams.”  Amanak turned to the other officer, “Sgt. Deacon call down to command central informing them that you are remaining here for at least another half hour or so, Keeley will be going with me to help take care of Lady Caterina.


Sgt. Deacon replied, “Yes Captain, I will call Deputy Chief Wise to inform him of the status.”  Deacon reached for her walkie-talkie while watching them head to the showers.  “Deacon to command.”


“Control here, is there a problem?”


“No Sir, there is no problem.  I am just reporting in that I will be delayed in my reporting back to command.”


“What’s the delay, Deacon?  Keeley was just sent up there to relieve you.”


“Yes Sir, she just arrived.  Officer Keeley is accompanying Captain Armageddon to help take care of Lady Caterina.  Would you please advise Deputy Chief Wise that now would be a good time to make that change he wanted.”


“This is Wise and thanks Deacon, I’ll be up in a couple of minutes to supervise the move.  Wise out.”


Deacons turned a touch red at not recognizing Wise’s voice.  “Deacon Out.”  I’m going to have to learn to recognize that voice quicker in the future, Deacon thought to herself.




An hour later after Caterina had something to eat and a shower that was more of a sponge bath then a real shower.  Remington was carrying Caterina more then supporting her back to the room where Dannya was.  “There you go, Love, all nice an clean, plus you are back where you can keep an eye on your Dannya once again.”


Caterina stop short just outside the door and took a deep breath.  “Remington you know better then to call my husband that.”  There was a touch of annoyance in her voice, more from your tension and tiredness.  “So please don’t do it again, now or ever.”  Caterina pulled away from Remington and headed for the doorway on her own.


Remington realized by the tone of that statement that Caterina was in worst emotional shape the she was letting show.  Normally, she would allow some teasing of her husband’s nickname of Danny but today was not one of those days.  Remington watched her walk into the room needing assistance but not allowing it.  Caterina, I’m sorry this has happened but what can any of us do to help you when you trying to protect what is your and you are not in the shape to do it.  Caterina, oh Caterina.  Remington and the others followed Caterina into the room.


Upon entering the room, they all discovered a second bed had been moved in the room.  “I guess they really want me in a bed bad enough to move a second bed into this room.”  There is smile on Caterina face at the idea, “some how Wise had to be at the bottom of this.  Who else other then Wise could of pulled this little trick off.”


Caterina went over to husband’s bed to check on him.  He was still unconscious but there was a small difference about him.  “Amanak, is it that I’m so tired and hopeful or does Dannya look like he has a little more color to his cheeks?”


Listening to Catie, Amanak heard a mixture of despair and hope in Catie’s voice that only their long relationship would permit her to hear.  Amanak came over to check on Danny to see what Caterina was talking about.  She first checked the monitors and his vital signs, and then took a closer look at his face.  He had aged so will over the years, still a handsome man, with very few wrinkles and snow-white wavy hair, if his eyes were open they would still be that lovely shade of blue still clear and unclouded.  Now he looked so peaceful sleeping there when she noticed there was a touch of color in his cheeks, very little but there it was.  Amanak realized that only an attentive wife could have seen that small change that quickly.  “Yes Catie you are right.  There is just a touch of color in his cheeks that wasn’t there when we left.”


“That is a good sign?”  Then, Catie sat on the edge of the bed, leaned over, and kissed him on his cheek.  “Keep it up My Dearest Love.  We still all need you and love you very much.”


Amanak watched Catie kissed him again only this time on his lips.  She had moved over to the other side of the bed and led Catie to her own bed to get some sleep.


With Catie in bed, Amanak turned on the Steeles with that all nurse authority to kick them out.  “All right Mr. and Mrs. Steele out with the two of you.  Your visiting hours are over for now.  You can stay in the waiting room with the family.”


Arms arrived in the doorway just as Remington started to protest.  There was no protesting with this tall, well-built muscular Hawaiian Commissioner of HPD.  “I believe that my wife, Captain Amanak, has requested that you go to the waiting room for the duration.”


Remington turned back to Amanak.  “Amanak, you will let us know if there is any changes in either Danny or Caterina?”


With Arms’ normal attitude towards Steele, he informed him, “My wife or one of the other police duty nurses will inform you at the same time as the FAMILY.”  Arms took several steps into the room in a motion to physically remove Steele if necessary.  In a firm and commanding tone, he told the Steeles, “now lets go.”


Amanak watched her husband finally walk the Steeles away from the area.  “Thank the Hawaiian gods for my husband’s timely arrival.”  Amanak smiled as she turned to look at Caterina and though we are not that much different my friend.  We both love our kane {men} with all our hearts after all these years.  Plus we watch over them, care for them and they still get all our love and full attention.  Amanak realized something about both these men they both had aged so gracefully.  To Amanak her husband was just as good looking now if not better than he was the day she met him.


Amanak then turned her full attention back to her two patients.  First, she rechecked Caterina chart to confirm the orders that she had seen earlier.  She started to give Catie the injection when she realized what she was about to give her.  The nonuse of this medication should have been noted on Caterina’s chart, it should have stated that she had an allergy to morphine and it’s counterpart.  She rechecked the instructions and the chart for the necessary information and it was missing.  Some how Caterina medical chart didn’t have the proper information that she knew should be there.  Amanak started for the doorway when her husband showed up and saw her.


“What’s wrong Amanak?”  Arms was concerned over the look on his wife face.


“This chart has me scheduled to give Catie another shot of morphine.  This can’t be right, she is allergic to it.”


“Can it be a mistake or an oversight?”


“Not for this hospital.  It was in the computer database that she is allergic reaction to morphine.  I know because I periodically check the hospitals data base for updates on all police officers medical histories.”  Amanak went to the doorway, “Peggy, get me Wise UP HERE NOW.”  Amanak was not one to panic over things but this shooting and now the wrong medication history had her worried.


After a moment of waiting, Peg replied, “Captain, Wise has left the hospital for the office.”


“Then get him back here now and no agreements.”  Amanak was demanding Wise’s return immediately with no questions asked.


Peg saw the change in Amanak and knew something was wrong, but not what the problem was.  “Yes Captain.”  Peg talked into her walkie-talkie and requested to be put through to Wise immediately.


“What about getting the Doctor up here to change those orders?”  Arms alarms in his head went off for a major alert with his wife reaction to the wrong medication administration.


Amanak needed to relay to her husband she didn’t have the authority she needed to do what needed to done, but needed his authorization as a Commissioner to do the right thing.  “Ionakana that is going to have to be Wise’s call.  The medication will give Catie a mild reaction to it but the next time an injection is called for a new medication will have to be ordered.”


“All right, if that is the way it has to be.”  Arms realized what his wife the nurse was saying and changed gears from friend and husband to Commissioner in charge of protecting the Governor Elect and Lady Williams.  “Captain Amanak, I’m ordering you to call the ER Doctor up here to change that medication.”  Arms very seldom gave these kinds of orders but his wife had made it plain that is the way it had to be.  Being a senior ranking officer even to Wise made it possible for him to pull his rank when necessary.


With a firm and happy reply, “Yes Sir, at once.”  Amanak pick up the phone and put in a call for Doctor Aneka to come to the Williams’ room.


Amanak and Arms were both glad that Caterina had fallen asleep from exhaustion before this little exchange began.  “Amanak, you know what this means?”


“Yeah, whoever did the shooting was after Caterina and not Danny.”  They both shook their head in agreement and disbelief.  “You know we can’t tell Caterina that, or at least not yet.”


“Not a good sign, or it could’ve been an accident with the computer system.”  Arms questioned again.  “We do need to tell Wise when he gets here.”


“Yes Commissioner, as soon as I’m clear of my duty time here, I will go and check the computer system for Caterina’s and Danny’s medical records.”  Then it dawned on her to double check Danny’s chart for errors in his medical needs.


Arms watched his wife go for the other chart to check, several fast heartbeats he waited. “Well?”


There was a look of relief on her face that told him what he wanted to know.  Ionakana, Danny’s chart is okay for medical allergies.”


“Thank God for that.”  Arms smiled at his wife and sat down to wait with her for Wise’s to return and the Doctor to come in.


Peg looked in, saw them discussing something, and interrupted the Armageddons to tell them that Deputy Chief Wise was on his way back to the hospital.




Several hours later, Caterina woke confused about where she was until she saw Dannya sleeping in his hospital bed.  Caterina started to get out of bed and discovered she was quite stiff after her little nap.  She stood up and was about to fall over when a strong pair of hands caught her.  “Careful, Catie, we don’t need you getting hurt any more then you already are.”


Caterina look up at Arms to see that reassuring smile of his.  “Hello Arms.  What are you doing here?”  Having Arms there gave Caterina a good feeling of real security and the world was going to be all right.  Other then her husband, Arms was the only person that Caterina felt truly safe around in these situations.


“Somebody has to bodyguard Governor Elect Williams.”  Arms chuckled a little at the title. “Governor Williams, who would of thought it possible when we all first met.”  He continued to laugh.


Caterina elbowed him in the stomach for his little joke.


“Watch it Commandant, assaulting a senior ranking officer.”  Arms said in a joking manner.


“Senior ranking officer, yeah right.  People of your rank don’t pull bodyguard duty.  So why you, Commissioner?”  Caterina was teasing him back knowing full well why he was there.


“Because it was the only way I could get in here to check up on you, My Lady.”  He kissed her on the check then they both laughed at his playfulness.  After twenty-some years of friendship, he still teased her like a hopeful boyfriend.  “Wise has a very VERY short list of visitors.  That guy had the nerve to leave me off it.  So here I’m on duty of watching you two.”  Arms had helped to compose the list and the entire Armageddon Family was on it.


“That’s true.  Wise probably figured you find a way to get in here anyway.  And you did.”  There was a smile in her voice.


“Now that you are up, which way My Lady?”


“First I want to see Dannya to see if he is any better.”  Caterina could see that her husband had more color to his face and that the heart rate was up.


Arms released Caterina as she leaned on the chair and then on the bed to see Danny.


“Hello sweetheart.”  Caterina reached out and touched his soft wave hair and his cheek with her good hand.  She sat there on the edge of the bed for a couple minutes then leaned over and kissed his lips.  “I wish you would awake up, I did, now it is your turn.  You always get up before me, so why are you still asleep, My Love?”  Tears were threatening to fall again, so she wiped them away.


Arms watched her and saw that she was ready to move so he was at her side when she started to get up.  “Now which way?”  He could feel her trembling after placing his strong arm around her waist for better support.


“I don’t know.  Out there some where,” putting her good arm around his waist for extra support.


Arms led her out the door and they walked quietly around the floor.  Arms signaled to the guards on duty to get a replacement up there and have one of them follow him.


Caterina could not believe that this man, this friend was still as playful as the first time they met.  “Oh Arms thanks for being here earlier and now.”


“You are very welcome Caterina.  It is all part of the service.”  He gentled squeezed her waistline giving her some reassurance.


Mommy Williams was starting to take control a little from the worried wife, “How are the children taking this?”


“They are taking it as will as they can, since you and Danny always taught them that this situation was a possibility in your careers.  All four of them were in to see the two of you a little while ago.  You were asleep and they wanted to see mom and dad.  We tried to keep them out, but Steve and I decided that it would be best to have them come over for a couple of minutes each to make them feel a little more secure about both of you pulling through.”


“Thanks for bringing them in.”  Caterina was sorry to have missed seeing her children but Amanak did her job well in putting her and keeping her asleep.  “Was Steve in as well?”


“Of course.  You just try to keep that man out.”  Arms laughed with Caterina at that statement.


“Where is he?”


“He went off with Wise to check out a few things.  You know Steve.  He has to be in this investigation to make sure it done right.”  Arms didn’t want to tell her about that the possibility the shooting had her as the target, that was what Steve, and Wise were out investigating now.  In addition, he didn’t want to mention that her medical records in the hospital were altered by someone, which the Chief Medical Doctor of the Emergency Room, Doctor Aneka had to change her medication because of incorrect information at the time of diagnosis and ordering of her medications.


Caterina knew her cousin and it pleased her to know that he was helping.  “All to well.”  Results could follow at a faster pace when the best of the best was part of investigation. Keeping Steve busy is some times the best thing in situations like these.  At least with Steve helping he wouldn’t drive the kids crazy with his worried pacing and finger snapping that he does.”


They had finished walking quietly over to the waiting room area on the fourth floor and there on the couches where six teenagers half asleep and half watching television, all four of her kids and both of Arm’s kids.  “Arms I didn’t realize that your kids were here.”


“Where else would they be with Uncle Danny and Aunt Catie are in the hospital.”  With the pride of father he continued, “They came over to keep your kids company.”


Quinten was the first to look up when he heard voices.  “Mom.”  Quinten got up to give his mother a hug and in the process of going over to her, Quinten hit his brother and sisters to get their attention.


With a little protest at first from DJ “What was that for jerk?”  DJ looked to see where his brother went in order to get back at him when Daniella and Guinevere shouted “Mom.”  Then DJ finished getting up as well going over to his mother.  “Are you feeling any better mom?”  He hugged his mother and gave her kiss.  DJ was the oldest of the four children and always took the responsibility seriously.  “All right, let mom sit down and catch her breath.”


Daniella complained, “Stop being so pushy DJ.  Mom you’re looking a little better then you did.”


As usual, the kids pushed their Uncle Arms out of the way to support their mother to the couch.  Arms smiled while he watched his second family care for their mother.  He stood guard at the doorway and would not allow anyone near this private family moment.  He noticed that one of the guards from the room had followed and indicated that a replacement had been sent up to replace him.  He also noticed that the Steeles where missing, Arms was grateful for that.


Wila and Lui Armageddon watched their best friends greet their mother.  They both walked over to their own dad once he stood there alone.  “Dad is Uncle Danny all right.”


Quietly Arms replied, “Yes kids he is.  Aunt Catie needed to take a walk, so I brought her over here to see all of you.”


Quinten and his twin Daniella wanted to know what was going on, and they both spoke together which was common in this pair of twins.  “Tells us about dad?”


“Your father is still sleeping but he is stronger.”  Caterina was helped to seat on the couch with the kids around her.


Guinevere told her, “Then you should be with him, mom?”


“Guinevere, dear, I needed to see the four of you.  I needed to make sure everything was all right with you kids.”


“WE’RE not kids, we’re young adults, and we’re fine mom,” was the strongly stated statement from DJ.


Caterina looked at her oldest son DJ, then at each of other three.  For the first time in a long-time, she noticed how each of her children were becoming more and more like their father in every way.  Oh Dannya, what a lot of kids we have a pair of nineteen years olds and a pair of sixteen years olds.  They are like you in almost every way, curly blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and that silly smile of yours on each of your sons.


Caterina reached out to gave each child a hug and kiss.  Then she sat back on the couch with the four kids starting to disagree about what was on the television and who as sitting next mom and who was going to get into see dad next.  “Something’s never change.”  Caterina said to herself as she watched her family for a long time then she started to feel tried and uncomfortable sitting there on the couch.


Wila saw something was wrong with her Aunt Catie and went over to her.  “Aunt Catie, do you want me to get mom for you?”  Wila had her mother’s instincts for being a nurse and had started nursing program in college this past September.


“No Wila, I just rather return to my room to lay down again with your fathers helps.”


Quinten moved next to his mothers left side and offered, “That’s all right mom, I’ll help you.”


“No you would, Quinten,” DJ moved into position on the other side of his mother, “not alone anyway.”  Then Quinten and DJ helped their mother up and three of them started to head back to her room.  “We’ll walk you back to your room, mom.”


“Thank you boys but you should stay here in the waiting room.”


“Why can’t we walk you back?  We’ll be quiet and leave after you’re back in bed again.”


Arms knew that telling these teenagers otherwise would be as successful as tell their parents to stay put.  “All right, the four of you” then he saw that look from his own kids faces asking can’t we go to.  “Okay the six of you can walk Catie back to her room, say hello to Danny, then the six of you have to leave.  No more then five minutes for each of you.”


A chorus of “Thank you Uncle Arms/Dad” rang out.


The eight of them headed for the room once again with the security officer following behind.  Caterina was tired from her walk and leaned more heavily on her six-foot muscular son DJ for support.  “DJ thanks for helping me.”


“That’s what I’m here for.”  DJ said the same pride that his father would make that statement.  He looked down at his mother and saw the weaken state she was in and knew that his father’s condition was weighing heavier then normal on her.


“There you go again, copying your father’s attitude again.  What am I going to do with you?”  She tightens her grip around her son for loving hug.  You are going to be just like your father, but telling you that would only embarrass you if I tell you in front of others.


“Come on mom, I’m not like dad at all.”  DJ was pleased that his mother thought he was like his father, not that he would admit to her.  DJ wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps but how to tell his parents he wanted to be a police detective, with hopes of getting into Five-O.  Now being the Governor’s son is going to make it harder for him to find the way to became the cop his father has been.  DJ was thinking of his plans, Berkley next year then hopefully getting into the academy in just over three and half years.  But what is dad decides to run again.




Once back in the room Caterina sat down in the chair next to Dannya’s bed and just held onto Dannya’s hand kissing it every once in a while.  Caterina noticed that his hand was warmer than it had been before, then his figures squeezed her hand.  This surprised her and then Caterina smiled knowing that he was now going to make a full recovery.


The children stayed longer then their five minutes only because Arms left the room to answer a phone call.  “I knew it.  I KNEW IT.  All you WILLIAMS are alike, you never listen to what you are told.”  The four kids looked up in surprise at their Uncle Arms with a touch of guilty in their faces.  In a strong parental voice he called to  “DJ, Guinevere, Quinten and Daniella OUT.”  Arms turned towards the door and started walking towards it when he spotted his own two standing by the door.  Arms shock his head in disbelief.  “You two know better as well to do as you are told.”  Arms finished heading to the door, “Peggy call down to control and get two officers, no make that three officers up here to keep an eye on the Williams’ kids and escort all six of these MONSTERS back to the waiting room.”


“Yes sir.”  Peggy reached for her walkie-talkie.


“Mom, tell Uncle Arms let us stay a little longer?”


“Uncle Arms is right.  I let you stay longer then I should have, only because I preferred having you kids around.  Uncle Arms told you all fives minutes and no more.  Now no arguments, it’s time you all go on and get some dinner.  I need to get some rest.”


Daniella corrected the time of day, “But it is lunch time, mom.”


A little frustrated Mommy Williams replied, “Then go have your lunch, but go.”  Caterina really wanted them to stay but knew she wouldn’t get the sleep she need with them there.  She was like Dannya in that respect, not allow them to she how truly hurt she was no matter what.  She would hind it if you could.


“Yes mom” was the chores of sad voices as the children left the room.


Three officers came to the doorway and followed the orders that Arms was giving them.  The children left under the supervision of two HPD officers and one Five-O officer.


Caterina hadn’t noticed the change in Arms attitude with his return, but there was trouble beyond those doors that he was going to held back from Caterina as long as possible.


To be continued . . .




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