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How good of a detective are you?


Here is a quest for you to find two people in this section of the story. Can you find James MacArthur and Jack Lord?


This is a quest for fun.  If you let me know you find either of them, you will be rewarded by being mentioned in my story as either a good guy, victim or a bad guy by your choice.


There is no limit to the number of winners for this quest.  There is also no time limit other then by the second to last chapter of the story being written.


Enjoy this section and a your quest.


Lady Caterina





Deputy Chief Carl Wise of Five-O went up to the fourth floor where his boss’ private room was.  To make sure the hospital was as safe as possible he sent one officer up each of the two sets of stairways and four additional officers accompanied him up the elevator to the fourth floor.  Wise was thinking through all the little details of putting a security force around this hospital and Governor Elect and Lady Williams.  In the last five plus years of being the Deputy Chief he had never been totally in charge of an operation of this size without going over the plans with the Chief.  Finally, the elevator stopped on the fourth floor, “Lever stay here.  Keep an eye on all visitors to the ICU units and the private rooms areas.”  Wise looked around and wondered which way now.  Carl looked at the sign by the elevator for direction to the private rooms.  “Nick.”


“What do you need, Wise?”  Nick asked.  {A large Hawaiian HPD sergeant and a long-standing friend of Wise’s from their academy days}


“Take a walk around the floor and check on the officers by the stairways to make sure everything is secure.”


“Sure, no problem.  I’ll also check for anything that doesn’t look quite right.”


“Good idea.  Get going.”  Wise was starting to feel the extra weight of the new position he was taking on as of the end of January.


Nick started to head off when he stopped to reply, “Wise, I’ll give you a call after checking around the floor.”  Nick then headed off to the right as Wise went to the left in search of the Chief’s room.


Wise came upon the floor charge nurse showing her his badge “Which way to Chief Williams’ room?


Kake looked at the badge and saw the other two officers with him.  “You’ll find the Williams’ straight down the hallway in the corner room.”  Kake pointed to the corner room and watched the three officers head off to the corner room.  She spoke to no one in particular, “So much for our normal peaceful shifts for the next few of days.”  She headed back to her nurses station.




Wise headed off after being directed to the corner room.  Still being accompanied by the newest Five-O member Officer Peg Keeley and HPD Sgt. Sarasota, they approached the corner room.  “This is a good location for the Chief, easy to see down both corridors.”


When he got to the open doorway, Wise saw the Chief in the bed and Lady Caterina sitting in the chair with her back to the door.  Once too often, he had witnessed these kinds of scenes since joining HPD and then the Five-O team.  Carl remembered the first time he witnessed this couple in such a personally tender scene.  He was on temporary assignment to Lady Caterina’s team.  He had gone to the airport to pick up Chief Williams and had brought him straight to the hospital where Lady Caterina was in ICU after being injured during an investigation gone amiss.  That was the first time he saw the professional and spousal concerned mixture in either of The Williams.  Carl had always knew from his training ‘that when you are part of the best in this business, one has a tendency of ending up in the hospital with various injuries for one reason or another.’


Carl’s mind came back to the present situation as he watched Caterina sitting quietly holding the Chief’s hand.  She was saying something to him but from where he stood, he could recognize her soft loving voice from hearing it over the past few years in the office when she spoke to her husband.  Now he could not hear the words clearly but he knew they were words of tenderness for her husband.  He didn’t want to intrude on their privacy now and never liked interrupting on their privacy in the past but business was business and this being the worst kind of business.


“Alright, Keeley and Sarasota stand your post.  Also, make sure only those who with proper authorization come into this room.”


Keeley and Sarasota answered in unisons, “Yes sir.”


Wise turned his attention back to the couple in the room wishing for the hundredth time since this happened that he could have been here in the hospital during the earlier ordeal but someone had to start the investigation because that’s what was expected of him as the acting Chief of Five-O.  He always hated this part of the job; he had to make a choice between being with injured friends or working on an investigation.  “Duty First.  Friends Second.  This is the dvIGOh rotten part of the job.”


Keeley started to ask, “Deputy Chief?”


Wise knew Commissioner Armageddon a long time friend of the Williams’ was with Caterina keeping a watchful on eye her.  In addition, he had gotten hourly reports from the Commissioner on the status of what was happening in the hospital.


“How happy these two have been all week since the election.  Why destroy their happiness now?  Why???????”  Wise’s anger was surfacing again.  “I should have followed my plans for better protection rather then listening to Chief Williams at the time.  Damn it why didn’t I?”  Wise cursed himself now because when he felt something could have happen he didn’t follow his instincts.  He didn’t know what could happen but something felt wrong to Wise for the past couple of days.


“What Deputy Chief?”


Wise turned his head noticing that Keeley looked puzzled by his standing there and then he realized he was doing it again. “Sorry Keeley, just thinking out loud again.  A bad habit one picks up being a Five-O officers.”


“Yes Sir.”  She shook her head in disbelief and thought, that wouldn’t happen to me.  No Way.  No How.


He cleared his head of what he could not change.  Then he cleared his throat and entered the room calling to her softly, “Caterina.”  When she did not respond, he walked over to Caterina standing behind her.  He called her name again hoping she would realize she was no longer alone.  “Lady Caterina,” he thought calling her by her more formal name may get a reaction out of her but she did not acknowledge his presents.


Caterina had heard the footsteps enter the room and knew it was Carl.  She ignored him.  She just wanted security outside the door and for her to be left alone with her husband.


Carl looked down and a look of shock registered on his face to see Caterina sitting there covered in blood, shoulder bandaged and a pistol in her lap.  He was glad she could not see his reaction to the way she looked to him.  The reports of her condition were not exaggerated in the least.  He made a mental note to stop by the Williams’ home to get Caterina a change of clothing.


“Lady Caterina, I’m sorry about what happened.”  She did not react to him until he touched her shoulder.  “We caught the hit man who shot both of you but he’s not talking about who hired him or why he did it.”  He stood behind her with a hand on her good shoulder.  “I guess it could be one of those old enemies that you warned me to keep my eyes peeled for.”  Carl was not trying to be funny about the situation but was just laying out the facts for his partner, trying to get her to realize he was there.  Then he asked the right question, “How is he?”


She could never resist answering questions about Dannya.  With the right questions asked and she would always respond to them every time.  “Dannya took a bullet in the large intestines.  They claim he should be all right within the next twenty-four hours.  You know, that all so famous first TWENTY-FOUR HOURS after a shooting and surgery.”  She takes hold of his hand that was resting on her shoulder and started to relax her guard just a little knowing Wise was there.  “I’m supposed to be able to handle this by now, but, I can never get used to seeing him this way.  NEVER.”  The tears that should have been trained to stay back started to run down her cheeks once again for what seemed to her for the millionth time that day.


Caterina turned around at the noise by the door only to see the two officers standing guarding the door.  “Carl?”


Carl felt Caterina shift in her chair so he looked from the Chief to Caterina, and realized she was looking at the door.  “Yeah, I have placed Officer Keeley and Sgt. Sarasota outside this room and four more uniformed officers around the floor.  They are on alternating four hour rotating shifts.”


The walkie-talkie went off getting his attention, he thought it never failed, the minute you start a conversion with someone the beepers go off.  “Wise here.”


“Nick here.  I have checked out all the private rooms on the floor and both stairway officers.  Everything is secure for the moment.”


“That’s good Nick.”


“Anything else you need?”


“How about helping out by the elevators for awhile?”


“Sure thing.  No problem, bruddah.”  Sometimes Nick just didn’t give his friend the proper formal address that he should when there was no one around.


“I’m with Lady Caterina now and I’ll be out shortly.”  Wise put the walkie-talkie back in his pocket and continued talking with Caterina.


“As you just heard, security has been put into place and things are secured for the moment.  As I started to say, before I was interrupted, there are five HPD officers and one Five-O officer stationed around the floor at the moment and I’m having all the ID’s of the hospital staff checked.  There are additional officers placed around the hospital in various areas.  In addition, I put in a call to get the police nurses over here to watch over the Chief as per your protocol standards.”


Caterina listened to Wise reporting the status of things and her mind wandered back to years before when she first watched her husband make that same kind of report to Steve.  She was in her cousin’s office trying to get an advance on her allowance when Dannya came into the office to give a report on the status of protecting someone who needed protection, whom she couldn’t remember who it was now.


Caterina knew that the choice that Dannya and she had made more then ten years ago for the next head of Five-O was the right one.  Dannya listen to her reasons for choosing a young officer with very little experience to mold him into the heir apparent to the Chief of Five-O just as Steve had done with him.  Carl was just off probation when his services were needed in an investigation at the academy.  Caterina remembered how young he was with relatively little police experience.  Between the two of them, they turned him into a best of the best with excellent abilities.  Carl was everything a Chief should be and more.  There was a major factor in his favor, he had turned out to be a lot like her cousin Steve in his determination, military intelligence training and no nonsense work habits.  “Carl with our Chief down, you’re totally in charge for now.”


Carl moved from standing behind Caterina to pulling a chair up next to her but in view of being able to see her face and looking out the doorway at the same time.  He then tried getting Caterina to cheer up just a bit and remember the best of times with her husband, their boss.  He remembered something she told him a long time ago with the lost of his first friend on the force, always remember the best of your friend and loved ones.


Then he remembered something he was told about the job when he was promoted.  He repeated those first orders that Chief Williams told him, “I was told when the Chief was not available to perform his duties, you are totally in charge.”  There was a low giggle from Caterina and a board smile on Carl’s face.  “That was said a very long time ago.  It’s as true now as it was true then.  Right Deputy Chief Caterina?”


“Right, but you forget the rest of that order.”  Caterina was smiling a small smile that indicated her memory of that day years before.  You are totally in charge if I’m out of commission as well or out of town with the Chief.”  They both laugh at the repeating of these orders that Wise received years before.  “Besides Carl, the Department is already yours except for the formal swearing in ceremony in January.  You have been basically running the Department for the past six months more than not with Dannya campaigning.”


They both fell silent when the staff nurse entered.  They just watched in silence as the nurse checked on her patient’s current status.  After the nurse left the room, Caterina handed the service revolver to Carl for him to take charge of.  “Oh by the way, I took this from one of the young less experienced patrol officers upstairs.  Would you see that he gets it back?”


Carl had a look of disapproval on his face as he took the gun from his long time friend and placed it in the back of his waistband.


“And do him a favor Carl, tell him to keep his gun properly secured in the future and stay with the chargees he’s guarding.”


“Caterina what am I going to do with you.”  Carl shook his head in wonderment at her disregard of the rules, the same rules she has taught for years.  “You know better than to take a gun from anyone assigned to protect you.  How am I suppose to treat you when I’m sworn in as Chief when you do things like this?”  This was the first time he verbalized this question.  The question had been raised in mind on several other occasions since Chief Williams winning the nomination for Governor.  The problem is becoming a reality due to the fact in less then three months he was to become her boss with her husband as his boss.  HOW?


“You can save the lecture on the evils of taking a Fellow Officer’s Service Revolver.”  She realized her voice had a harder edge then needed and took a couple of deep breaths to gain some composure.  “Carl, I’m sorry, I guess I’m more tired and more stressed out than I realize.”  Caterina looked up from her chair at this six foot two inch, blue eyed, Hawaiian, who was in his mid-thirties, only to be reminded of her shoulder injury with the twisting of her neck.  “Ouch.”  She lowered her head again trying to rub the neck to no avail.  “Shall we save this lecture for My Husband Chief Williams’ last lectures of ‘How I screwed up, once again?’ or will it be ‘Caterina, what where you thinking of?’  There was a good laugh from both of them at the thought of how Chief Williams would give her a good going over.  They both wanted him to recover quickly for their own reasons but the lecture he would deliver was not one of the reasons but it would be a good one.  Caterina could picture him in his office going on about her lack of control.


As they regained their composure, Carl cleared his throat saying, “I’ll make sure he knows all the details about it so he can make it one of his best lectures ever.  Let me get my notebook out to write all the details down.”  Carl made the motion of getting his notebook out of his jacket but acted like he could not find it.  “I guess I can’t made notes for the Chief after all, no notebook.”  They both grinned and laughed in anticipation for Chief Williams’ actions to come.


Besides if you want to know how to deal with me in regards to being my boss and my husband subordinate at the same time just ask Dannya when he wakes up.”  Caterina could remember that tight rope that Dannya walked for several years before everyone knew about them as a couple, both in private and working partners under her Cousin Steven.  “You know Dannya did it for a good number of years with a good deal of success.”


Carl was listening to Caterina when he noticed that the officers from doorway were looking in with looks of how could you be laughing at time like this.  Ignoring their gazes, he started to inform Caterina of what to expect.  “By the way, the first of the police nurses should be here shortly to help keep an eye on the Chief and you.  I’ll be letting the family know that all is quiet for the moment.”


Then he decided to go for the impossible, “Caterina, you should be in your own room recovering from your shoulder injury...” He saw that look on her face that told him not to go there, so he started to get up and leave when he realized he had forgotten the main reason for his coming to see her.  “Before I go I have a couple of questions for you.”  This time he did remove is notebook from his inside jacket pocket.  The look on Caterina face changed to one of leave me alone again, but Wise pressed on anyway.  “Just what were the of two you up to on that beach when the shooting occurred?”


“The shooting?  The beach?”  She seemed confused at the questions.  Why was I being asked?  Then she realized this was the question answer session all victims go through.  She cleared her head and thought about the question.


Carl waited patiently as he watched her change gears from leave me alone to time to answer the million-dollar question.


“We were just talking.  We were on the large double width lounge chair and Dannya had one of his arms under his head and one around my shoulders.  I had my head on his shoulder and my arm around his chest.  We were just talking about what needed to be done in the next couple of months at Five-O to transfer the office and command over to you.  Transfer the command of academy over to my next in command.  How I was going to take the transfer over to be his chief of security once he was sworn in as Governor discussing our future.  Talking about the kids, you know Carl, normal everyday things that old married couples talk about.”  Caterina stated, “I’m not sure about any part of the shooting except that Dannya was shot by some mentally disturbed person for something he did in the past, or because he was about to become the next Governor.”


Carl watched her as she gave her report.  Thinking to himself they were discussing what was about to happen with Five-O and my future at Five-O?  He thought about it a moment, then realized that they always would have made many of the Five-O discussions together over the course of their marriage and careers in Five-O.  He realized she left out a lot of details that he had gotten from the security people on the beach, but at least now he knew why they where were they were.  The one thing the security people could not answer.


They sat quietly for a few minutes waiting for either one to speak to the other.  Then Wise continued “There is one more thing, do you have any hints on how to deal with McGarrett?  Before I got in the elevator to come up here he was asking for the details of what happened.”?’  Carl thought to himself he had his hands full with the press and the pressure from the current Governor over this shooting.  With those pressures, he had pushed passed McGarrett down in the lobby to headed up to Chief Williams’ room.  Then it dawned on him that McGarrett’s wisdom would be helpful.  He would have the final say but having his opinion right now would be helpful.  No one needed to know the degree of McGarrett’s assistance.


Caterina realized that Steve would want to be on top of things once he arrived after hearing about this with the kids or were they already upstairs in the waiting room.  She thought about it a moment and realized that when Dannya was being brought down to his private room, five people came into the waiting room area.  I was so taken by Dannya’s condition and lack of protection I must have missed the children.  Of course, they would be upstairs waiting.  “Thank the heavens for Steve.”  He was always on top of things when it came to those who he cared about the most and those who were under his command, even after they moved beyond the Five-O team.  “My best suggestion to you is don’t make him stay here in the hospital.  He hates waiting around.  Let him help in whatever way he can because he needs to seek justice for his men.”


“His men?”  There was a touch of surprise to his voice.  “He’s been retired for over ten years.”


“Retired or not, to him, they’re still his men.  Just listen to him but don’t put him down in public.  If you don’t like his suggestions, PLEASE tell him in private; after all, you are following in his footsteps.  As you are well aware of the history of Five-O, he ran the Department before my loving husband took over,” with that statement, Caterina reached out and squeezed Carl’s hand.  “Carl you are lot like my cousin, so be decisively strong in what you do but be careful in how you do it.  Allow Steve to help were he can.”


Carl was still watching and listening to Caterina and could see she was getting sleepy from the days events.  With a caring tone, “I’ll treat McGarrett with respect, but I will have the final say.”


Caterina nodded an agreement to the statement.  “Carl?”




“Are my children upstairs with their big cousin?”


“Yes, they are there waiting to come down and see you both.  When we get you cleaned up, I will have the kids at that a time come down to see the two of you one at a time.”


“NO.  Absolute not.”


‘WHAT?”  Carl was surprised that Caterina would not want to see her children.


Caterina continued, “Bring them down in two’s.  They always do things in pairs and in any form of pairs but in pairs.  If you bring them down one at a time they will begin to think the worst of the situation.”


“I don’t understand why Caterina, but it doesn’t matter, does it.”  Wise watched her for her reaction.  “You know your children best, I’ll bring them down in pairs of two at a time.”


“Thanks Carl.”  There was a sad smile on Caterina face.


Carl could hear the pain in her voice.  He knew she wouldn’t go to her own room, trying to move her would be next to impossible with Chief Williams in his present condition.  He had been through this before with both of the Williams’ moving either one of them before they were ready was next to impossible.  Carl made a mental note, when Caterina is out of the room for a short period of time getting cleaned up, I’ll have a bed moved in here for her.  Next item on the agenda, arrange for a second bed in this private room.  He looked over the size of the room; yes, it is large enough for two beds.  Best time will be after the Captain gets here.


Carl started to leave the room; he turned to look at Caterina, the woman he had worked alongside for most of his career and known since his opening interview at the academy.  He had never seen her like this under any other circumstance.  He knew her tired and worn out looks from long hours of work, waiting for something to happen, etc.  Only this time she looked as if she had lost the most important part of life, or was about to lose it.  My dear, dear friend, I wish I could make everything better for you.  No one really knows how much you truly love him.  You never showed the world how much you truly respect and love your husband but a only few, a trusted few know the true extent of your feelings for him.  Everyone always see more of your duty side of the relationship then the loving couple and parent’s side.  Damn it, I should have had better protection for you at the house.


Carl cleared his head from his present line of thought of how much pain and stress Caterina had to be in.  He left the room and addressed the two officers outside the doorway, “Keeley you were upstairs earlier, who was the officers that were assigned to protect Lady Caterina in the waiting room?”  As he waited for the answer, he saw Caterina in the chair holding her husband’s hand and could hear soft sound that could be tears from the way she was holding her head.


Officer Keeley spoke up bringing Carl’s attention back to the present situation.  “Sir, it was Keaka Haky and Kimo Mikini Aka.”


“Find them and get them over to command central immediately.”


Keeley called down to command central looking for Haky and Mikini.


Carl was standing by the door when Nick came by and asked with quiet respect.  “How is she Wise?”


“As well as can be expected.”  The two of them walked away from the doorway but at an angle that they both could see the couple in the room.


“Just heard from command central Captain Armageddon is on her way up.”  Nick turned to Wise a little puzzled, “Why would the Captain of the police nurses be coming here instead of the one of others in her department?”


“Because Nick, you only request the best for Chief and Lady Williams.  Besides you should remember, that they are the best of friends and have been colleagues/adversaries since the Lady Caterina and Captain Amanak were in the academy together.”  Carl heard himself taking some of his angrier out on Nick, which fortunately for him Nick wouldn’t it take personally because of the present situation.  Taking a couple of deep breaths, Carl said, “Besides, I asked personally for the Captain to come first because it would take her friendship and professional relationship to get Lady Caterina moved and cleaned up.”


“That makes sense knowing the name Williams’ is another word for stubbornness.”  Nick laughed at his sick joke and noticed a small grin on Wise’s face as well.


Wise knew the comment was true but would not comment on the bad joke.  “Where is Commissioner Armageddon?”


“With the family.  He felt that ‘Uncle Arms’ should be there to keep an eye on kids along with Steve McGarrett.”


“That’s good that the kids are up there with their cousin and uncle.  It makes easier to keep them under good secured but watchful eye.”


“Oh yeah, Wise, I forgot, I came over here because McGarrett and the Commissioner brought the whole crew down here to the waiting room.”  He pointed with his thumb in the direction of the general ICU waiting room area.  “The officer in the elevator said it was something else with six kids and four adults in the elevator.  It was a tight fit but the kids would not be separated.”


“Six kids?”  Wise was surprised at the number of kids since the Williams only had four kids.


“Yeah, the Commissioners kids showed up about half an hour ago.  I thought you knew that.”


“That is great, just great.”  Wise just didn’t want to deal with the added burden of two more kids but knew the relationship well enough to know that separation would be difficult, if not next to impossible.  Commissioner Arms knew whether it was a good idea for his kids to be there or not.  “This is just wonder.”




Just as Carl and Nick turned to leave Chief Williams’ room, behind them a small disturbance occurred outside the doorway.  They turned to greet the people at the doorway, in a quiet but firm manner, “I’m Carl Wise, Five-O, what’s going on here?”


“I’m Remington Steele and this is my wife Laura.  We came to stay with Caterina if she wishes it?”  Remington smiled one of his more charming smiles to press the point.


Carl looked at Steele remembering that he was a long-time friend of Caterina’s but he had a warning about this man from both Chief Williams and Commissioner Arms that he never totally understood.  He also remembered one of the last updates from Commissioner Arms that the Steeles had shown up during the surgery.  “Steele, of Remington Steele Investigation of LA,” he said more a matter-of-fact then a question, he did not wait for a response “Just for a moment but if Mrs. Williams wants you out of there, GET OUT.  Understood?”


Remington looked at Deputy Chief Wise, “As you wish.”  There was something about this man, which didn’t agree with Steele.  He had heard a great deal about this Deputy Chief from Caterina but until today, had not met him.  He was expecting a blonde headed surfer type, but was surprise at this bronzed skin Hawaiian with blue eyes.  Steele always thought that Hawaiians had dark eyes not blue.  Then again, he was basing his impression on a typical Californian surfer type and the typical Hawaiians he had met and seen.


Both men regarded each other with caution because of the relationship with the one person in common – Lady Caterina.


Wise turned to Officer Keeley informing her, “Let them pass, and keep an ear out, if Lady Caterina objects to these visitors, remove them.  I will put together a list of approved visitors that you and the other shifts will check before letting anyone in.  In the meantime, only family members and the Steeles will be permitted to visit the Chief and Lady Williams.  In addition, only let the police nurses in when they arrive to tend to the Chief and Lady Williams and make sure they have the correct identifications on them.  In addition, make sure the other shifts double check all ID’s of anyone trying to enter this room.”  Carl stepped away only to turn back, “If for any reason Lady Caterina objects to any nurse attending the Chief, get that nurse out of there and call me immediately.  Understood?”


Keeley answered, “Yes Sir.”


“Keep that nurse in custody until I arrive to check her out.  Is that clear as well?”


“Yes, Sir.”


Just then, Keaka Haky came into sight with a look of Boy I’m in Trouble.


Wise saw Haky and walked towards him in the hallway with Nick following behind.  “Come with me Haky.”  Then the three officers headed for the elevator and the command central.  Once in the elevator with no one else around, Wise in a firm Acting Chief manner he addressed, “Mr. Haky, I suggest in the future you keep your weapon better secured.’  Carl pulled the gun that he had gotten from Caterina from around his back and handed it over to Haky.  “Haky, you let your attention stray from your duty for just a moment, and under other situations it could have cost you your life and the life of the person you are suppose to be protecting.  Luckily for you it was Deputy Chief Commandant Caterina who took the weapon from you.”


“Yeah, bruddah, real lucky that Commandant Caterina was the one.”


Carl did not appreciate Nick’s comment on the situation, resulting his giving Nick a dirty look, “That will be enough Sgt. Nickleby.”  When ever Nick was being a pain in the neck he call his best friend by full first name, something that would always get him to stop dead in tracks.  Wise then continued, “You will be lucky if Lady Caterina doesn’t have you transferred to your version of hell in Honolulu.  NOW put it way.”  Carl watched as Haky secure his gun in its holster with a flash of guilt in his eyes.


Then on a softer note, “Oh, by the way, Lady Caterina thanks you for the use of your gun and suggest the next time, keep your gun properly secured and follow that person in your charge to their destination.”


Haky looked Wise straight in the eye and replied, “I will, Sir.”


You should be aware that Lady Caterina’s, I mean Mrs. Williams’ life is just as important as the Governor Elect Williams’ life is.”




“Yes Haky.”


“Why did Lady Caterina take my gun” Haky put his hand on the gun for inference, “to begin with?”


“Why, because no one upstairs moved to proved Chief Williams with protection when he came out of the operation room.  Thus Lady Caterina’s police instincts told her to get a gun and follow the Chief to his new safe haven.”


“Yes Sir.  Thank you.”


The elevator had reach the lobby floor and the three officers moved off towards the Control Room.  “Tell me Haky why didn’t you follow Lady Caterina to the Chief’s room?”


There was no answer from Haky plus his eyes shifted to a downward position towards the floor giving Wise’s part of the answer to his question.  Wise’s evaluation of this rookie was he was not ready for full bodyguard duty yet, but he will be after this.


Carl thought about the lectures Chief Williams’ would give anyone for not following through in the proper protection of his wife.  I wonder which lecture would be louder and harder on the recipient for their breaking of the rules, Caterina’s or Haky’s.  This would be the one of those times that Haky and Mikini would get it along with a few others for not following through on the proper protection of his wife.


Carl learned through his experience in Five-O that Chief Daniel James Williams would always stand by his wife and support her actions and decisions on the job.  Many of the times, he had to let her get it between the eyes not daring to interfere.  There were other times he could not protect her the way he wanted too because situations she had to handle on her own and take the rewards and/or consequences for them.  Once in awhile, he reprimanded her for a variety of reason for incorrect actions taken by her.  Of course, there were those occasion when you had to treat his wife with the same respect and care you treat him, and if didn’t you were in more trouble than you could see in your mind's eye.


As the three officers entered command central, Carl knew the hammer would hit hard when Chief Williams was fully recovered, even with the possibility before he left the hospital.  Carl didn’t want to be on the list of lectures to be had, so he cleared his head of possible future scenes and headed for the board with the various layout maps of the hospital.  Carl was going to make so the lecture list would not be any longer than it already was because he knew if it did get longer he would be on the top of the list for not doing a proper job of protecting his Lady.


To be continued . . .




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Lady Caterina







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