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It was a typical afternoon in November, sun shining, cool palm tree breeze and nice 80 degrees.  Dan Williams was looking over the backyard towards the ocean beyond.  “This will be the last free weekend we’ll have for just the two of us for the next few years, Sweetheart.”  Dan turned around when he heard his wife Caterina coming out of the house with their lunch.


“What did you say Dannya?”


After years of being called many things by many people, nothing made him feel as comfortable as his wife’s pet name for him, Dannya.  People he dealt with over the years had thought the name was silly and had tried to tease him about it without success.  Truth was, he loved being called Dannya only by his Lady.  It showed him the love of this woman, who the world knew as ‘Lady Caterina,’ had for him.  Caterina – a loving, vulnerable, affectionate wife and the perfect mother of four.  Working side by side with Caterina for years enabled him to gauge her moods and knowing when his wife was speaking to him and not his co-worker and Deputy Chief.  When she would enter his office calling him Dannya he would know that he could possible be in trouble for something only a husband and father could get in trouble for.  Or it was a reminder of something they needed to do together as a family.  His thoughts of Caterina, his best friend, lover, homemaker, wife and mother were only the best.  They had their problems but none that he could ever remember being so big they could not work them out together in a reasonable time frame.  Caterina my love what did I ever do to be deserve someone like you at my side.  Oh, how I LOVE you.


Dan watched her place the tray on the table and set out the goodies.  He slowly walked over to his wife putting his arms around her and kissing her on the back of neck.  “As I said before my love, this will be our last free weekend for the next few years.”


“You could be right about that.  This will be the last few hours of freedom from work and our four kids for the next four years Governor Williams. Then again, what is to come is something else to be believed.”  Caterina turned around in her husband’s arms returning the embrace and kissing him as passionately as ever after thirty years of being together then smiled seductively to her husband.  “Oh Dannya,” placing her head on his shoulder, “I still can’t believe you won the election on Tuesday, and in a couple of months we are going to be Governor and Mrs. Dan Williams of the State of Hawaii.”


Dan thought to himself, after all these years, she was still very fit and beautiful, with a touch of silver in her blonde hair and her blue eyes still shine with her love for me.  “You always said I would go far.  Plus you always had high hopes for our future together.  I just hope I have lived up expectations.”  He didn’t give her a chance to reply, instead he lifted her chin to kiss his wife again only more playfully this time.  “Why don’t we forget about eating for a little while and go” Dan’s hands playfully started pulling at Caterina’s cover over her bathing suit, “down to the water for a little dip?”  There was a mischievous smile on his lips that suggested more then just a dip in the ocean.


“I don’t know about that lover.”  His wife said coyly.  “If my husband catches us together, we could be in real trouble” she said with a mischievous smile of her own and playful hands.  “Plus what would the newspaper say? ‘Governor Elect Williams Wife Caught In Love Nest’.”


They both laughed at Caterina’s mock headlines.  “They would say that Governor Elect Williams knows how to have a good time with his beautiful and loving wife.”  Dan kissed her on the tip of the nose then broke the embrace as he took off his shirt and dropped it on the chair.  He reached for Caterina’s hand and headed for the beach. 


To be continued . . .



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