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My story line does not follow the timeline that was used on television. This is a fantasy story that anyone young lady {of any age} would have when she fell in love with that great muscular body and those wonderful blue eyes belonging to James 'Dan Williams' MacArthur. As with any fantasy the time line of the characters are moved into a position of the person during the fantasizing.

A major factor to realize for my story Dan Williams was born on December 8, 1945 {and not earlier} and Caterina McGarett Williams was born on November 4, 1955. This means that Dan Williams did not join Five-O until 1972.

This will give me the ability to change a few factors regarding the story, Dan Williams is one of the instructors at a Hawaiian State Police Academy that does not exist in the State of Hawaii. This story is an alternate universe story, the Universe of Betty Kouba, the introductory story, "Welcome to My Universe of Hawaii Five-O."

Yes, this is a Caterina based story with a Remington Steele influence, which is why it is called a crossover story. The relationship between Remington Steele and Caterina is coming up in a future chapter, but the next installments of that will post on my own web site will let you in on a some more important factors of the relationship between Dannya and Caterina.


   Section One       What Happened to Chief Williams?

   Section Two       The Waiting Game

    Section Three  What is Caterinas Status?

    Section Four     Meeting Dan Williams

    Section Five      New Years Eve 1973 {Warning Contents Sexual Content}

    Section Six        The Worst Nightmares

    Section Seven    Dannya Conditions Improves

    Character Listings

            This will be updated with each section posted.
This list only has the characters referred in this Chapter.








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