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These are the results of various challenges that have been held for the Hawaii Five-O authors.


Since Terri's The Jack Lord Connection ran the first two challenges I have linked my site to her challenge pages.  My results of these challenges are listed below.


I hope you enjoy all the results. 





    Steele Challenge - Laura Learns a Secret

                    A Steele Secret Learn -- August 2000





    Collective Thought Challenge

                Dracula Williams -- September 2000




  Evaluations - June/July 2000

                 Steve’s Reminder About the Time Limit 

                 Picture Fun Time 

                 Danno’s First Annual Review 

                 Dan Williams – Promotion Time 

                 Waiting for the Governor's Approval 

                 Performance Review Time For Chief Williams

                  Performance Review Time for Caterina Williams

                  Challenge Results on Terri's The Jack Lord Connection





   Be Nice To Danno - October 2000

                  Be Nice Reminder

               Welcome Home Williams Family

               Picture Fun Time

               Challenge Results on Terri's The Jack Lord Connection





    Crossover - March to July 2001

              The Challenge

               Crossover Challenge Reminder Time Part One

               Crossover Challenge Reminder Time Part Two

               The Chief's Convention - By Betty Kouba

               A Taste of Vengeance -- By  Diane Maher

               Pirates of Hawaii -- By Terri Whitman

               The Kidnapping of an Angel -- By Patricia Engel




    Hawaii Five-O Humor - November 2001

                 The Challenge and The Picture Collection

                         Steve McGarrett Collection 

                         Dan Williams Collection 

                         Steve McGarrett and Dan Williams Collection 

                         Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua Collection 

                         Ben Kokua and Edward Duke Lukela Collection 

                The Challenge Results

                        Results of Various Authors

                        Results from Liz

                        Results from Using the Same Picture

                        Results from Deejay

                        Results from Using the Same Picture Continued

                        Results from Annette





  Future Challenge








   Future Challenges 






    Future Challenges
















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